Advanced Topics in Hypnotism


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HILGARD, ERNEST R.: „Divided Consciousness – Multiple Controls in Human Thought and Action“
Trade Paperback, 1986, 313pp, Expanded Edition
$75.00 – first edition, hardbound with dust jacket
The Classic work of dissociative theory which introduced Hilgard’s oft- quoted theory of the ‚hidden observer in the hypnotic state. Also examines other dissociative phenomena, such as automatic writing, involuntary control of muscle movement, dreams, hallucinations, age regression and amnesia.

MARCUSE, F.L. (ed): „Hypnosis Throughout the World“
Hardbound w/DJ, Charles C. Thomas, 1964, 312 pp
$25.00 – an ex-lib copy
This incredible book brings together the top experts from 17 different countries to discuss the history of hypnotism in each country, and the current state of the art. The U.S. is amply represented by J.G. Watkins, and additional contributions come from Barzil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the old USSR.

REISER, MARTIN: „Handbook of Investigative Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1980, 255 pp
An authoritative text on investigative hypnosis by the member of the Los Angeles Police department. Includes induction techniques, uncovering methods, tips for forensic application of hypnosis, and a really great bibliography. Forewords by ex-chief Daryll Gates and by renowned medical hypnotist David Cheek.

KROGER, WILLIAM & LIBBOTT, ROBERT YALE : „Thanks, Doctor, I’ve Stopped Smoking“
Hardbound w/dj, 1967, 101 pp First Edition Out of Print
A very uncommon book by the ubiquitous Dr. Kroger. This book is a „how- to“for physicians who want to use hypnotic techniques to help clients stopsmoking. The book is made almost entirely of scripts and conversations tohave with your patient.

KLINE, MILTON V. : „Psychodynamics and Hypnosis“
Spiral Bound, 1967, 193 pp, some underlining
A very uncommon book, featuring six articles centering around the idea of Hypnosis and Consciousness. The gem: John G. Watkin’s contribution, „Hypnosis and Consciousness from the Viewpoint of Existentialism. Also articles by Kline, Seymour Halpern, Henry Guse, Jacob Conn, Ainslie MEares and Sydney Fogel.

McCONKEY, KEVIN & SHEEHAN, PETER: „Hypnosis, Memory, and Behavior in Criminal Investigation“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1995, 239 pp
One of the most up-to-date books you can find on the issues surrounding hypnosis and legal procedures, including admissibility of hypnotic evidence, consistency of memory reports, possibility of deception, the reliability of hypnotically recovered memory, and a broad range of other significant technical, clinical, ethical and legal issues.

TURN, DENNIS C. AND MELZACK, RONALD : „Handbook of Pain Assessment“
Hardbound, 1992, 491 pp
A complete guide to the clinical assessment and classification of pain. Covers all manners of assessment, including self-report scales, interpreting facial expressions, various pain question questionaires, measurement or acute pain, assessment of headache pain, orofacial and myofascial pain, and pain in children and the elderly. Very comprehensive.

HENDLER, NELSON M.D.: „Coping with Chronic Pain“
Hardbound, 1979, 166 pp
A great book by the Maryland physician gives a detailed explanation of the mechanisms of pain, as well as concrete exercises and strategies that can be used to overcome chronic pain. Good as an adjunct to hypnotic pain control.

Memory : A Psycho-Legal History“

Trade Paperback, 1988, 432 pp
A comprehensive history of hypnotism which centers around its introduction and use in various legal systems around the world. This forensic archaeology follows the use of hypnotism in the courts to recall memories, as well as the use of hypnosis in the commission of crimes. Well researched, and the case histories are astonishing.

MORTON, RICHARD : „Hypnosis and Pastoral Counseling“
Trade Paperback, 1980, 98 pp
In this out of print book, ordained minister Morton traces the historical and biblical roots of hypnotism, and shows how hypnosis can be used in a counseling situation by the clergy. Written with the Christian ministry in mind.

BOWERS, KENNETH S. : „Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious“
Trade Paperback, ,1976, 176 pp
Boy is this book ever seriously mistitled. For a long time I mistook this book as a NON-serious book, when actually is is just the opposite. It reviews current clinical and experimental data to answer questions and theories about hypnotizability, effectiveness, sleep learning, dissociation, post-hypnotic amnesia, and a host of other issues. This book is so good, it is one of those rare books which begins as a paperback, and was later published in hardcover.

SHEEHAN, PETER AND PERRY, CAMPBELL : „Methodologies of Hypnosis : A Critical Appraisal of Contemporary Paradigms of Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/worn Dust Jacket, 1976, 329 pp
$32.50 – a hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
A wonderful book which looks at all of the current theories of the nature of hypnotism. Covers the work and ideas of Ernest Hilgard, Ted Barber, Ted Sarbin, J. Philip Sutcliffe, Martin Orne, the London-Fuhrer design, and the validity of inference and the application of convergence strategies. If you have wanted a definitive answer to the question, „What is Hypnosis?“, this book would be a good place to start.

SARBIN, THEODORE R. & COE, WILLIAM: „Hypnosis : a Social Psychological Analysis of Influence Communication“
Hardbound, 1972, 278 pp
Small in size but huge in stature, this book turned the hypnosis establishment on its head by denying the existence of the Trance State, and focusing its definition of hypnotic behavior in terms of Role Theory. An early and innovative work which began to chip away at the ideas of suggestion and trance which have dominated hypnotic theory from Bernheim to Hull. Uncommon.

BARBER, THEODORE & NICHOLAS SPANOS, JOHN CHAVES „Hypnotism – Imagination, and human Potentialities“
Trade Paperback, 1979, 185 pp
A classic work which challenges the traditional assumption of the existance of a special state called the „hypnotic trance“, and goes on to elucidate the cognitive-behavorial view in evaluating hypnotic phenomena such as age regresssions, hallucinations, and unusual cognitive processes. A chapter on the mechanics of stage hypnotism rounds out the collection. Plus a nicely academic bibliography.

BARBER, THEODORE XENOPHON: „Hypnosis – A Scientific Approach“
Trade Paperback, 1969, 282 pp
$12.00 – ex-lib, reading copy only
A now classic work of experimental hypnosis which combines keen insight, scientific rigor, and some ideas which are sure to upset the hypnotic establishment. barber examines the phenomena historically associated with hypnotism without assuming the existence of a trance state – yet he clearly knows that these phenomena exist. His experiments and explanations are a must read for anyone seriously interested in the theoretical aspects of the art of hypnotism.

WICKRAMASEKERA, IAN (ed): „Biofeedback, Behavior Therapy and Hypnosis: Potentiating the Verbal Control of Behavior for Clinicians“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, 589 pp
$22.50 – a trade paperback copy
A collection of articles, with separate sections on Biofeedback, Behavior Modification, and Hypnosis. Includes Spiegel’s ‚An Eye-Roll Test for Hypnotizability‘, Zimbardo’s Objective Assessment of Hypnotically- Induced Time Distortion, Spiegel’s A Single-Treatment Method To Stop Smoking Using Ancillary Self-Hypnosis, and dozens of other articles of interest. A huge book.

GIBBONS, DON: „Beyond Hypnosis – Explorations in Hyperempiria“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1973, 125 pp
The author has special techniques for inducing and deepening a hypnotic trance to the point of hyperempiria – a state of consciousness where feelings and sensations are enhanced. Lots of word-for-word inductions and deepenings.

SHOR, RONALD & ORNE, MARTIN: „The Nature of Hypnosis – Selected Basic Readings“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1965, 504 pp,
$39.50 – an ex-library copy
One of my favorite anthologies on the subject, this book begins withthe secret report on mesmerism by Bailly, and goes on to historical works by d’Eslon, Mesmer, Deleuse, Binet and Fere, all the way to the modern theories of Ferenczi, Hyll, Erickson,Janet , Hilgard, Pattie and others. A wonderful resource, and amust-read for a full education in the history of hypnotism.

BAKER, ROBERT : „They Call It Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1990, 313 pp
If you read this book first, you might wonder whether or not hypnotism actually exists! Baker takes from his starting point the fact that all hypnotically produced phenomena can be created WITHOUT the trance state. So what then IS this hypnotism? A wonderful book.

DR. TRACY, DAVID F. : „The Psychologist at Bat“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1951, 158 pp
Dr. Tracy, well known for his books on hypnotism, was appointed as the team ‚psychologist to the St. Louis Browns‘, the old baseball team. His job? To use hypnotic techniques to improve their sports play. This book is the story of his days with the Browns. Hard to find.

WEITZENHOFFER, ANDRE: „Hypnotism – An Objective Study in Suggestibility“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1953, 380 pp
$45.00 – a hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket.
The classic work that stands proudly in every Hypnotist’s collection. Both theoretical and experimental in nature, Weitzenhoffer puts the myths and methods of hypnotism through rigorous scientific scrutiny, twenty years after Hull. One of the great experimental works in the field.

McCONKEY, KEVIN & SHEEHAN, PETER: „Hypnosis, Memory, and Behavior in Criminal Investigation“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1995, 239 pp
One of the most up-to-date books you can find on the issues surrounding hypnosis and legal procedures, including admissibility of hypnotic evidence, consistency of memory reports, possibility of deception, the reliability of hypnotically recovered memory, and a broad range of other significant technical, clinical, ethical and legal issues.

WILSON, DONALD M.D.: „Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1979, 41 pp
A hard-to-find book on one of the forbidden topics in hypnotism – the use of hypnosis to increase breast size. (Even Milton Erickson believed this was possible!). From the author of Total Mind Power.

HULL, CLARK : „Hypnosis and Suggestibility: An Experimental Approach“
Hardbound, 1933, 416 pp
$37.50 – a trade paperback copy
This book single-handedly pulled hypnotism into the modern age. Hull and his associates at Yale University (Erickson was his student) were the first to use the standards of Experimental Psychology to investigate hypnotic phenomena. Topics include Waking Suggestion, Recovery of Lost Memories, Dissociation, Heightened Suggestibility, Post-Hypnotic Phenomena, and Non- Prestige Suggestion. A classic!

CHERTOK, LEON & STENGERS, ISABELLE: „A Critique of Psychoanalytic Reason – Hypnosis as a Scientific Problem from Lavoisier to Lacan“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 319 pp
Translated from the French Le Couer el la raison, this is perhaps the most interesting, serious, and thought- provoking intellectual piece on hypnosis published in the last twenty years. The authors see hypnosis as defining the boundaries of the psychoanalytic theories as they trace the opposition to hypnotism from Freud to Lacan. They posit that hypnosis presents problems which confound traditional methodologies, and at the same time, test the limits of those methodologies. Intense, intelligent, and recommended.

BRYAN JR.,WILLIAM J. : „The Chosen Ones : The Psychology of Jury Selection“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1971, 438 pp First Edition
$50.00 hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
Written by the former head of the American Institute of Hypnosis, and the prolific author of Legal Aspects of Hypnosis and Religious Aspects of Hypnosis, this was one of the first books on how to pick a winning jury. Bryan helped lawyers such as F. Lee Bailey and Melvin Belli to select juries for some of their more famous cases, including the Sam Shepard Case and the Coppolino case. Uncommon.

COURT, JOHN : „Hypnosis, Healing and the Christian“
Trade Paperback, 1997, 160 pp
A balanced defense of the use of hypnosis by Christians. Setting ethical concerns about the use of hypnosis firmly within a framework of the biblical material, Court argues that hypnosis

SCHUMAKER, JOHN F.: „The Corruption of Reality – A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis and Psychopathology“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1995, 289 pp, Review Copy
The Australian psychologist brings together theories of religion, hypnosis and psychopathology as expressions of the unique human ability to modify and regulate reality, traced to the brain’s capacity to process information along multiple pathways. An original contribution which is often intellectually fascinating, and always thought-provoking.

MELANSON, PHILIP H . PhD: „The Robert F. Kennedy Assasination – New revelations on the Conspiracy and Cover-Up“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1991, 363 pp
Was Sirhan Sirhan the unwitting pawn in a hypnotic plot to kill Bobby Kennedy? Did the Los Angeles Police Department hide evidence that Sirhan was in a trance when captured? A fascinating look, including in- depth coverage of hypnotist William J. Bryan, the Candy Jones Case, and the interesting exploits of the author as he tries to uncover the long buried secrets of the second Kennedy assasination.

Hardbound, 1989, 338 pp
$22.50 – a trade paperback copy
Writen primarily for clinicians who practice hypnotherapy, Trance on Trial offers a comprehensive evaluation of the use of hypnosis in the courts, as well as practical strategies for maximizing the legal rights of clients while minimizing the liabilities of practitioners. Identifies common legal pitfalls and ways to avoid them, and contains a good history of the legal use of hypnosis.

CHERTOK, LEON (ed): „Psychophysiological Mechanisms of Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1969, 207 pp
A compendium of papers presented at an International Symposium sponsered by the International Brain Research Organization in 1967 in Tourtour, France. Participants from around the world discuss physiology, experimental psychology, psycholanalysis with hypnosis. Of particular interest are the contributions from the Soviet Bloc.

PLATONOV, K. : „The Word as a Physiological and Therapeutic Factor“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1959, 451 pp.
This hard-to-find book was first published in Russia in 1930, later revised in 1955 and finally translated and published in English by the Foreigh Languages Publishing House in Moscow. It details the author’s experimental and clinical work with hypnosis under Pavlov. They measured physical responses to suggestions, and the book contains various Soviet methods of suggestion,
induction, hypnosis, and psychotherapy. A treasure! Only 1,000 copies were printed.

LEVITT, EUGENE E. & PERSKY, HAROLD & BRADY, JOHN OPAUL : ‚Hypnotic Induction of Anxiety – A Psychoendocrine Investigation“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1964, 134 pp
$17.50 – a spiral bound copy
A monograph which looks at thepsychological and biological changes which accompany affective arousal induced experimentally by hypnotic techniques. Yeah, so what these guys did was hypnotize people, scare the bejeezus out of them, and monitor their blook pressure, plasma hydrocortisone, and hormone levels, as well as perform various psychological tests. Who says that Experimental guys are no fun?

PETTINATI, HELEN (ed): „Hypnosis and Memory“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1988, 301 pp
Issues concerning memory have been stimulated by the use of hypnosis from its beginning, from the natural occurance of hypnotic amnesia, to the hypermnesia aspects of age regression. This book uses the hypnotic experience to go to the core of the concept of memory itself. With contributions by the likes of Kenneth Bowers, Ernest Hilgard, Martin Orne, Lawrence Kolb, and Peter Sheehan, the articles run the gamit from hypnosis in the courtroom, to post-hypnotic amnesia, age regression, recovery of memory in combat victims, and experimental models of memory construction.

HIBBARD, WHITNEY & WORRING, RAYMOND: „Forensic Hypnosis – the Practical Applicaton of Hypnosis in Criminal Investigations“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1981, 353 pp
A great textbook on the use of hypnosis in a forensic setting, both by the legal profession and by law enforcers. Special attention is paid to hypno-investigations, and a full complement of techniques is discussed. Lots of examples and references to case law.

GORDON, JESSE E. (ed): „Handbook of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1967, 653 pp Out of Print
$27.50 – Hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket. Excellent Value.
One of the better compendiums of hypnotism materials. Includes Frank Pattie’s incredible history of hypnotism (his knowledge of early works is phenomenal), Hilgard, Shor and Barber on hypnosis research, plus articles by Gil and Brenman on the Metapsychology of Regression and Hypnosis, and pieces by C. Scott Moss, Leiws Wolberg, William Edmonston, Ted Sarbin and many others.

Hardbound w/Dj, First Edition, 1982, 226 pp Out of Print
Written by the former official hypnotist of the New York Police Department, and a veteran of 33 years on the force, this book has the real life stories of hypnotism used in a forensic setting. Watch as Diggett wins over even the most suspicious officers by using hypnosis to uncover details in case after baffling case.

TART, CHARLES : „States of Consciousness“
Trade Paperback, 1975, 305 pp
From the author of Altered states of Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychologies comes this scholarly book that looks at the topic of consciousness itself, from waking consciousness to hypnosis to dreams to meditation to drugs to emotional states and more.

DAUVEN, JEAN: „The Powers of Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1980 (1965), 255 pp
Translated from the French in this English paperback. A remarkably well illustrated book on hypnotism with sections on history, practice, and therapeutic use.

HILGARD, ERNEST R. & HILGARD, JOSEPHINE: „Hypnosis in the Relief of Pain“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1975, 262 pp
In this book two distinguished researchers present a considered assessment of the role of hypnosis in relation to pain as based both on studies in the experimental lab and in clinical practice. A classic.

HILGARD, JOSEPHINE R. M.D.: „Personality and Hypnosis – A Study of Imaginative Involvement“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1970, 304 pp
Trade Paperback, 2nd edition, 1979, 309 pp,
It has long been known that some people are more hypnotizable than others, but the nature of the personality ifference between the more and the less hypnotizable had remained illusive until this experimental study, first published in 1970. A classic.

MOSS, C. SCOTT : „Hypnosis In Perspective“
Trade Paperback, 1965, 196 pp
A general textbook on hypnotism, including recent experimental data regarding working with children. Covers induction, theories of hypnosis, waking hypnosis, antisocial activities, Role-Taking theory and other topics.

EDMONSTON, WILLIAM: „Hypnosis and Relaxation“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1981, 255 pp,
What IS the difference between the hypnotic trance state and mere relaxation? This is the question these researchers set out to answer in this experimental work. They determine a methodology and give results of tracking physiological changes for each state.

FROMM & SHOR „Hypnosis: Developments in Research and New Perspectives“
Hardbound W/worn dj, 1979 793 pages!
Yes, its almost 800 pages, 22 separate articles on the current state of hypnosis, from New Theories to Surveys of Broad Areas (Hypnosis and Sleep, Hypnotic Amnesia, Hypnosis and Creativity) to Lines of Individual Research (Depth Meaasuring, Hypnotic Programming Techniques in Psychological Experiments) by some of the leading experts in different disciplines: T. X. Barber, Ted Sarbin, Charles Tarte, Ernest Hilgard, Martin T. Orne, and others.)

MCGILL, ORMAND: „Hypnotism and Mysticism of India“
Hardcover w/dust jacket, Westwood Publishing, 1979, 208 pages, NEW COPY
„This book might well be called the „textbook“ of Hindu magicians, and it reveals secrets that have been handed down for centuries in India. Originally written in Calcutta, the book discusses Hindu fakir magic, Oriental breathing and body and mind control. You are shown the Yogi art of Maya for controlling the minds of others.“

VINOGRADOVA, GALINA : „Saint or Satan – the Life and Times of Russian’s New Rasputin“
Trade Paperback, 1996, 217 pp, translated by the author, NEW COPY
This is the incredible story of Dr. Anatoly Kashpirovsky, who conducted mass TV healing sessions to audiences of the millions throughout the Communist bloc. Despite his miracle cures and his vast devoted following, he was banned bvy the authorities and accused of hypnotizing the nation.

BRYAN, WILLIAM J.: „Legal Aspects of Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1962, 282 pp
A fascinating book which covers various aspects of the use of hypnotism within the legal and penal system. Includes chapetrs on crimes committed by hypnotic subjects (and they said it couldn’t happen!), analysis of a Psycho Killer, court decisions on hypnosis, winning cases with hypnotism, hypnosis and law enforcement, international law and hypnotism, and hypnotism in the penal system.

HILGARD, ERNEST R. : „The Experience of Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1965, 353 pp
A shorter version of Hilgard’s classic work „Hypnotic Susceptibility“, is a carefully crafted work of experimental hypnosis which investigates susceptibility, induction, age regression, recovery of early traumatic experiences and more.

HILGARD, ERNEST R. : „Hypnotic Susceptibility“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1965, 434 pp
$45.00 (dust jacket is uncommon)
A longer version of „The Experience of Hypnosis“? Nope, just one of the best works of experimental hypnosis ever published. Hilgard and co- worker Weitzenhoffer examine individual differences in hypnotizability, as well as ability to exhibit various hypnotic phenomena, such as age regression, hypermnesia, posthypnotic amnesia, analgesia, hallucinations and hypnotic dreams.

SIMEON EDMUNDS „The Psychic Power of Hypnosis“
Paperback, 1975 (1968)63 pp
This English import concentrates on the occult tradition of hypnotism. Discusses psychic phenomena, mesmerism, the paranormal, clairvoyance, and reincarnation.

MCGILL, ORMAND : „Hypnotism and Meditation“
Trade Paperback, 1981, 99 pp,
The classic stage magician and hypnotic mystic writes this Operational Manual for Hypnomeditation. Use hypnotic meditation for self transformation.

SYMPOSIA, CIBA : „Mesmerism“
Pamphlet, 1948, approx 30 pp
The March-April issue of Ciba Symposia is completely dedicated to mesmerism. Includes Mesmerism in Primitive Societies, Mesmer and Animal Magnetism, From Mesmerism to hypnotism, and Hypnosis and Modern Psychiatry. Uncommon

Wrappers, 1962, 66 pp
A Symposium devoted to promoting the medical use of hypnosis. Includes Ralph Kaufman on history of hypnotism, Lewis Wolberg on classical clinical uses, Harold Rosen on Therapeutic Considerations, Martin Orne on Problems and Research areas, and a reprint of the 1958 report on the Medical Use of Hypnosis from the Council of Mental Health. Also contains a position paper regarding hypnosis from the American Psychiatric Association from 1961.

KUHNS, BRADLEY : „Hypnosis and The Law“
Hardbound, 1981, 218 pp
A book of hypnotic techniques for use in legal and criminal applications. Covers hypnotism for memory recovery, hypnotism in the coutroom, and hypnotism and the polygraph. Out of Print.

BLUM, GERALD S. : „A Model of the Mind“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1961, 229 pp
Through a series of hypnoticaally controlled experiments, Blum tries to create a detiled theory of human thought, feeling, and sction which stresses those mental functions occurring between stimulus and response. A fascinating work of brain detective investigation and experimental hypnosis.

WITTKOFSKI, JOSEPH: „The Pastoral Use of Hypnotic Technique“
Hardbound w/DJ, Macmillan, 1961, First Edition, 111 pp Out of Print
Both a historical and contemporary look at the use of hypnotism in early Church practice related to healing, as well as methodology in suggestive and directive counselling during the hypnotic state. The author ifnds the use of hypnotism in the early writings of the Church, as well as in the symbology of the service.

KROGER, WILLIAM : „Childbirth With Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/worn dj, 1961, 216 pp First Edition
$7.00 – trade paperback copy
The author of the Bible of hypnotism writes this small book about using hypnotism and self hypnosis to assist with painless childbirth. Includes scripts that can be use for pregnant moms-to-be.

HUFFMAN, ROBERT & SPECHT, IRENE: „Many Wonderful Things“

Hardbound, 1970 (1957), DeVorss & Co, 377 pp
Written during the regression craze brought on by the Bridey Murphy case, this book focuses on spiritual use of age regression Published by the premier New Age publisher, even back in the fifties!
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KLINE, MILTON (ed): „A Scientific Report on ‚The Search for Bridey Murphy'“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1956, 224 pp
Back in 1956 the Bridey Murphy case caused quite a stir among the general public, and the media was alive with stories of hypnotism, past life regression, reincarnation, faith healing, and the like. This book attempted to put a serious scientific face on the hubub. Articles by Bernard Raginsky, F.L. Marcuse, Margaretta Bowers, Arthur Shapiro and Milton Kline.

HOLZER, HANS : „The Power of Hypnosis“

Hardbound w/DJ, 1993, 93 pp
This reprint of a 1973 book places Holzer squarely in the metaphysical tradition dating back to when hypnosis was inextricably tied to issues such as clairvoyance, telepathy, reincarnation and the like. Other interesting topics tackled in this book are hypnosis and sex, emotional hypnosis, and silent hypnosis.

SEGAL, MARTIN M : „The Questions They Ask About Hypnosis“
Pamphlet, 1975, 70 pp
Although you wouldn’t know it from the title, this pamphlet also covers the answers, as presented by this Florida hypnotherapist. Introduction by Frank Caprio.

KELLY, SEAN & KELLY, REID : „Hypnosis : Understanding How It Can Work for You“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1985, 250 pp
$10.00 – a trade paperback copy
Based on Dr. Kelly’s succesful practice at Boston’s famed Beth Israel Hospital, this book brings you right into his office, including verbatim accounts of how hypnosis is induced and used. Dozens of case histories about the medical uses of hypnotism, and an intriquing report on how hypnosis is used in detective work and the courtroom.

TAYLOR & BONGER: „Clinical Applications of Biofeedback Therapy“
Hardbound, 1976, 116 pp
For a small book, this one is packed with info. Covers Background of Biofeedback therapy, Instruments used, Biofeedback in Psychotherapy, and Specialized Therapeutic Applications in Bioffedback Therapy. Well illustrated, written for the professional.

BLOCK, EUGENE B.: „Hypnosis: A New Tool in Crime Detection“
Hardbound w/dj, 1976, 240 pp,
$12.50 – an ex-library copy
Hypnosis has played a major part in some of the best known crimes of this century – the kidnapping of Jimmy Hoffa, the assassination of Robert Kennedy – and was effectively used by F. Lee Bailey in the Sam Sheppard murder case and the trial of the Boston Strangler. In the book, researcher Block guides us through the battle for legal acceptance and the significant contributions that hypnotism has made to law enforcement.

ARONS, HARRY: „Hypnosis In Criminal Investigation“
Trade Paperback , 1973, 211 pp
The first book about the application of hypnotic techniques by the police, attorneys, and those defending criminal suspects. The second printing of a classic work.

KUHN, LESLEY (ed): – Modern Hypnosis
Hardbound, 1947, 349 pp
$7.50 – a paperback copy
A compendium of articles showing the state of the art at mid century. Includes two classic articles by Erickson – „Concerning the Nature and Character of Post Hypnotic Behavior“, and „An Experimental Investigation of the Possible Antisocial Use of Hypnosis“ as well as 16 others, including the original Davis and Husband Hypnotic Susceptibility scale.

MOSS, C. SCOTT : „The Hypnotic Investigation of Dreams“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1967, 190 pp
The first half of this book is an experimental examination of the ability of hypnosis to induce dreams, and of the differences between the dream state and hypnotism. The second half reprints 12 articles about hypnotism and dreams, from Erickson, Brenman, Barber, Tart and others.

SCHOLL, LISETTE: „Hypnovision“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1990m 240 pp
An interesting mix of holistic medicine, the Bates method, and hypnotism to cure a wide variety of vision problems. Lots of scripts for working with vision issues, including regression.

REIFF & SCHEERER – „Memory and Hypnotic Age Regression“
Hardbound w/dj, 1959, 253 pp
A study which concentrates on hypnotic recall of the early years of childhood. Theoretical and experimental in nature, the authors perform a number of tests to determine the facts involved in the accuracy of hypnotically recovered memories.

WOLFE & ROSENTHAL – „Hypnotism Comes of Age“
Hardbound, 1948, 272 pp , foxing
This book traces the development of hypnotism from Mesmer to its therapeutic use at the end of WW II. In depth section on the work of Lewis Wolberg written back when it was contemporary.

SALTER, ANDREW: „What is Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/dj, Ex Lib, First Edition, 1944, 88 pp
$15.00 – Hardbound w/o dj
Salter attempts to answer the question „What is Hypnosis“. Salter’s answer is clear: it is not suggestion, it is a Conditioned Response. Pavlov, pure and simple. Salter had quite a give-and-take with Erickson – this is his side of the story.

FRANKEL, FRED : „Hypnosis – Trance as a Coping Mechanism“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, 185 pp, in print for $46.95
$19.50 – an ex-lib copy lacking a dust jacket
Frankel reintroduces and reshapes a concept originally introduced at the turn of the century: that hypnosis is especially helpful in the treatment of clinical conditions that are in some ways related tot he client’s capacity to enter a trance.

JAYNES, JULIAN: „The Origin of Conscious in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, 467 pp (Out of Print in Hardback)
$12.50 – a trade paperback copy
Julian Jaynes examines three forms of human awareness – the bicameral or god-run man; the modern or problem- solving man; and contemporary forms of throwbacks to bicamerality: hypnotism, schizophrenia, poetic and religious frenzy, among other phenomena. A unique and bold theory of consciousness and hypnosis.

FROMM, E. & SHOR, R.: „Hypnosis: Research Developments and Perspectives“
Hardbound W/dj, 1972 656 pages, front free end paper missing
Yes, its over 650 pages, 20 separate articles on the current state of hypnosis, from New Theories to Surveys of Broad Areas (Hypnosis and Sleep, Hypnotic Amnesia, Hypnosis and Creativity) to Lines of Individual Research (Depth Measuring, Hypnotic Programming Techniques in Psychological Experiments) by some of the leading experts in different disciplines: T. X. Barber, Ted Sarbin, Charles Tart, Ernest Hilgard, Martin T. Orne, and others.)

EDMUNDS, SIMEON : „Hypnosis – Key to Psychic Powers“
Paperback, 1971 (1968) 63 pp
This English import concentrates on the occult tradtion of hypnotism. Discusses psychic phenomena, mesmerism, the paranormal, clairvoyance, and reincarnation.

EDUMUMDS, SIMEON : „Hypnotism and E.S.P.“
Trade Paperback, 1969, 180 pp
For a long time, the phenomena of hypnosis was closely tied to all things paranormal, like telepathy, mediumship, telekinesis, clairvoyance and the like. Of course, nowadays we don’t believe in this stuff (do we?). This book looks at the connection of hypnotism and E.S.P, as well as other interesting topics such as dissociation, multiple personality, reincarnation, and other things spiritual.

FIORE, EDITH : „Encounters“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1989, First Edition, 342 pp
Using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, Fiore has found many of her patients ‚remembering‘ what seem to be abductions by aliens in spacecrafts. In Encounters she shares her extraordinary findings.

FULLER, JOHN G. : „The Interupted Journey“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1966, 320pp
Two lost hours aboard a flying saucer are recovered in one of the first books to use deep hypnotic trance to elicit a tale of UFO abduction. Transcripts galore.

Hardbound w/DJ, 1987, 299 pp, First Edition
Okay, just one more about alien abduction. This author, aided by memory recall under deep hypnosis, documents a series of elaborate personal encounters with intelligent nonhuman beings in his isolated cabin in upstate New York.

KAROLY, MICHAEL : „Hypnosis“
Paperback, 1961, 190 pp
Filled with case histories, this British import introduces hypnosis to the general population, and it has a really cool cover too! The practicing hypnotherapist includes his own theories about the structure of the mind.

MARTIN, STEPHEN : „Hypnotism Simplified“
Wrappers, no date (1930’s), 60 pp
An early manual of hypnotism from England. How to hypnotise, stages of hypnotism, suggestibility, and other topics.

PULOS, LEE : „Beyond Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1990, 132 pp
From the Canadian psychologist and past presidend of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, comes the modern book about the trances we experience in everyday life. Of special interest is the author’s notes on working with athletes. Also covers imagery, self-talk, affirmations, communicating with the subconscious mind, induction techniques, and the history of hypnotism.

SCHWARTZ, GARY & SHAPIRO, DAVID „Consciousness and Self-Regulation“
Hardbound w.DJ, 1976, 400pp, Ex-Library copy
A collection of articles about self-regulation, altered states of consciousness, biofeedback, hypnosis, and the like. Includes Hypnotic Susceptibility, EEG-Alpha, and Self- Regulation.

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