How to Hynotize

Alexander, Isabelle: How to Hypnotize Someone Easily: Discover the Secrets of Hypnotism and Mind Control. 2013.

Hall, Steven: How to Hypnotize. The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Stage Hypnosis. 2011.

 Jones, Crispian: How to Hypnotize Someone. 2012.

Michael, William: How to Hypnotize Anyone Effectively: Unlocking the Secrets of Mind Control and Hypnosis. 2012.

Spark, Charlie: Hypnotism for Beginners: Learn How to Influence and Hypnotize Someone Instantly and Effectively. 2013.

Tiers, Melissa:Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform 2010.

Toth, George: How to Hypnotize Your Grandchildren: Easy, Quick, and Fun Ways to Influence the Children in Your Life. Bloomington: IUniverse 2013.

Various: Book on Practical Hypnotism – How to Hypnotize. Wiltshire: Brunton Press 2010.

COOKE, CHARLES AND VAN VOGT, A.E.: „The Hypnotism Handbook“

Hardbound, 1956 (later printing) 252 pages, NEW COPY
$17.50 – a used copy
Yes, thats A.E. Van Vogt, the popular science fiction author penning this no nonsense book of scripts and techniques. First published in 1956, this is a perfect book for a beginner or someone looking to expand their reach. If you can learn to hypnotize someone from a book, this is THE book.

ARONS, HARRY: „The New Master Course in Hypnotism“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1961, 223 pp,
$17.50 – a new Trade Paperback copy
Arons is a master of the old fashioned, authoritative style of hypnotism. This book is an entire course, beginning with suggestibility tests, moving on to induction techniques, deepening, stages of hypnosis, hypnotic phenomena, advanced techniques, and awakening. Highly recommended for beginners.

SPENCER „How to Hypnotize“
Videotape, 1 hr. 40 minutes, 1997, NEW COPY
An instructional video from this hypnotist with over 25 years experience. Covers the 3 minute induction, rapid induction, instant hypnosis, post-hypnotic suggestions, age regression, demonstrating hypnosis, working with groups and much more. Always wanted to learn hypnotism but can’t find a qualified teacher? Try this video, which you can view over and over again, at a fraction of what a class might cost you.

THE MASTER HYPNOTIST „Dynamic Speed Hypnosis – Numbers 1-11“
Spiral Bound, 1956, approx 75 pages
A facsimile reproduction of this home study course by the California hypnotist. The 50’s graphics are great, and the cocky, witty writing speaks of the old-fashioned hypnotic style. The author claims that he can teach you how to be a Master Hypnotist in seven minutes! Covers testing, speed inductions, waking hypnosis, children, groups, depth testing and more. Although he would not originally sell you more than one lesson a week „even if you were the King or Queen of England“, the first 11 lessons are bound together here for your educational ease.

HUNTER, ROY: „The Art of Hypnosis – Mastering Basic Techniques“
Paperback, 1994, 208 pages,
Roy’s excellent book is a tribute to his teacher, Charles Tebbetts. It covers the Tebbetts methods of induction and deepening, as well as hypnotic testing, post-hypnotic suggestion, and Tebbetts‘ view of the subconscious. Together with Roy’s Art of Hypnotherapy, these two books make an excellent set of hypnotherapy manuals.

HUNTER, ROY : „The Art of Hypnotherapy“
Paperback, 1994, 316 pages
Parts II and III of the Charles Tebbetts Training Course. This weight book covers the pre-induction interview, Benefits Approach scripts, Anchoring and Triggers, Uncovering Techniques, Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy, Phobias, Past Life Regressions, and other valuable topics. Roy has done a great job in laying out the fundamentals of hypnotherapy, in a straight-forward, easy to read style.

RHODES, RAPHAEL: „Hypnosis: Theory, Practice and Application“
Hardback wDJ, 1950, 176 pp
The Bulletin of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis says of this book: „It is unquestionably one of the best expositions of technique . . . and cannot help but give results even in the hands of the beginner.“

ARONS, HARRY : „The Best and easiest Disguised Method of Inducing Hypnosis (Indirect Method)“
Pamphlet, 1954, 10pp, Facsimile Reproduction
A classic from the 50’s as Arons, the master of the authoritative technique gives you his best methods for hypnotizing without the subject knowing it is taking place.

MCBRAYER, JAMES T.: „The key to hypnotism simplified“
Hardbound w/Dust Jacket, 1962, 184 pp.
A very good traditional introduction to hypnotism, illustrated by photographs. Includes how to hypnotize, the difficult subject, awakening your subject, a new theory of hypnotism, rules of the mind, nervous reactions, advanced methods, and more.

MAGONET, PHILLIP: „Practical Hypnotism“
Trade Paperback, 1957, 104 pp
Originally titled „Hypnosis in Medicine“, this book by the former president of the British Medical Hypnosis Association might be an autobiography of Dr. Magonet’s medical career. Special insight is garnered regarding the state of Hypnotism in England. Dozens of case histories include obstetrics, psychosomatic symptoms, psychoneuroses, and sexual dysfunction.

WALLACE, BENJAMIN : „Applied Hypnosis – an overview“
Trade Paperback, 1981, 143 pp
A good introduction the the topic of hypnosis, clinical hypnotism, hypnotherapy, habit control, history of hypnotism, and the like.

WYNN, RALPH: „Hypnotism Made Easy“
Paperback, 1956 (1939) 167 pp
This book was written in the beginning of the second World War, and represents a rare American exposition of hypnotism before the pioneering work of Watkins, Wolberg, Lindner, et al. Both theory and practice are covered in this book by the professor at the College of the City of New York.

GIBSON, WALTER B.: „Hypnotism“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1970, 124 pp
A book by the author of Hypnotism Through The Ages and The Key to Hypnotism, AKA Maxwell Grant, the creator of the Shadow. Discusses the history of hypnotism, hypnoidal tests, how to induce hypnosis, theory and practice and Hypnotism and Crime.

AHLHEIM, VICTOR : – „Truth About Hypnotism“
Hardbound, 1947, 80 pp
An early post-war manual for the budding hypnotist. Includes choosing a subject, hypnotic techniques, hypnotic chants, suggestions, post- hypnotic suggestions, self hypnosis, and awakening the subject. Easy to read.

GIBSON, H.B.: „Hypnosis – Its Nature and Therapeutic Uses“

Hardbound w/DJ, 1977, 191 pp
The British psychologist and expert on hypnotism discusses the history of hypnosis, use of hypnosis in therapy, supernormal performance under hypnosis, animal hypnosis, criminal uses of hypnosis, and differences in hypnotic susceptibility. A strange chapter is entitled ‚Is Acupuncture Hypnosis?‘

ORTON, J. LOUIS: „Hypnotism Made Practical“
Hardbound 1952, 170 pp
$7.00 – trade paperback copy
A good all around introduction to hypnotism, including how to induce hypnotism, its use to overcome problems, its curative powers in this import from Great Britain.

LeCRON, LESLIE M.: „The Complete Guide to Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1971, 223 pp
An introdution to the subject by the clinical psychologist and expert on therapeutic hypnosis. Written for the layparson, covers induction of hypnotism, self-hypnosis, therapeutic applications, and other topics. A good place to start if you want to learn about hypnotism.

LECRON, LESLIE M. : „Hypnotism Today“
Trade Paperback, 1947, 278 pp, Out of Print
A good all around introduction to hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Covers history of hypnotism, induction, suggestibility, hypnotic phenomena, principles of suggestion, and therories of hypnosis. Foreward by Milton Erickson.

DUNNE, DESMOND: „The Manual of Hypnotism“
Hardbound w/DJ, London, 144 pp, 1959
An All around general introduction ot hypnotism. Includes the evolution of hypnotism, varieties of hypnotic phenomena, hypnoti tests and experiments, the future of hypnotism and more.

WOLBERG, LEWIS : „Hypnosis: Is It For You?“
Hardbound w/Dj, 1972, 309 pp
The author of „Medical Hypnosis“, „HypnoAnalysis“, and „Techniques of Psychotherapy“ puts his immense knowledge of hypnotism into this book for the general public.

DR. ROET, BRIAN : „Hipnosis – Mejore su salud y rendimiento mental“
Trade Paperback, 1989, 288 pp
Every once in a while I get a request for a book in Spanish on Hypnosis. Well amigos, aqui esta. Venga!

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