Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis


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WEITZENHOFFER, ANDRE: „General Techniques of Hypnotism“
Hardbound 1965(1957) 460 pages, Out of Print
$50, a copy with small tear in cover or a copy with worn covers
One of the finest books on Hypnotism ever written, this massive text by Dr. Weitzenhoffer is scholarly, yet easy to read. Weitzenhoffer was a former stage hypnotist who was tapped by Ernest Hilgard to help run the hypnosis lab at Stanford. There are 110 pages on Induction Techniques alone! More information than you have ever gotten out of any class, at $85 this books speaks for itself.

WOLBERG, LEWIS : „Hypnoanalysis“
Hardbound, 1964, 424 pp Second Edition revised,
This book may very well have single handedly ushered in the modern age of hypnosis. Combining an in-depth hypnoanalysis of a single patient, with theory and practice including recall of buried memories, transference, dealing with resistance, and interpretation, Wolberg’s classic is a must read. The hard-to-find Second Edition was extensively rewritten, and contains almost 100 pages more than the original.

BEAHRS, JOHN O.: „Unity and Multiplicity: Multilevel Consciousness of Self in Hypnosis, Psychiatric Disorder and Mental Health“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1982, 238 pp, sl pencil underlining
What distinguishes voluntary free choise from involuntary actions which ‚just happen‘? The author draws upon the work of Milton Erickson, Ernest Hilgard, and John Watkins in his views on multilevel consciousness, and his techniques help the patient regain control as what was once a symptom now becomes a skill.

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS „American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis“
Vols 1 (#1-4) – Vol 30-(#1-4)
Periodical, 1957-1988, library stamps
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a complete 30 year set of this legendary publication started by Milton Erickson. Erickson himself edited it from 1957-1968, and used the platform for the publication of his most important and influential papers on hypnosis. Later it was edited by William Edmonston (1968-1975), Sheldon Cohen (1975-1982), Melvin Gravitz (1982-1984) and Thurman Mott (1985-1988). These periodicals are quite uncommon, and were only available to society members. Every issue has 8-10 articles on clinical hypnosis, most of which have not been reproduced anywhere. 120 issues in all.

WATKINS, JOHN G. : „Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses“
Hardbound, 1949, 384 pp
The crown jewel of any hypnotism book collection, this rare volume is the record of Watkin’s pioneering work with World War II combat veterans using hypnotic techniques, just as the new medical age of hypnotism was about to bloom. Uncommon.

KROGER, WILLLIAM S.: „Clinical andExperimental Hypnosis in Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology“
Hardbound W/dJ, 1977, Second edition (revised) 406 pp
This book is considered the bible by many hypnosis schools acrossthe country. Its over 350 pages are printed in two-column encyclopedia style, and the content covers ALL the major topics of a good education in hypnotism, including inductions,deepening, hypnotic behavior, suggestibility tests, group hypnosis medicine and surgery, dentistry, pediatrics, andspecialized hypnotic techniques. If you can only own one book onhypnotism, THIS is the book you should have!

WERBEL, ERNEST W. M.D.: „One Surgeon’s Experience with Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1965, 242 pp
The original papers from this San Luis Obispo, California- based doctor were published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis back in the 1960’s. In this book he discusses his case-histories for all manners of surgeries,m including pediatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics, back problems, dental surgery, and other issues. Uncommon.

WESTER, WILLIAM C. & O’GRADY, DONALD (eds): „Clinical Hypnosis with Children“
Hardbound, 1991, 272 pp,
An anthology of 16 different articles investigating all aspects of working with children as clients. Induction and deepening techniques, psychological and behavioral applications, and medical applications are all covered, including learning disorders, pain management, bedwetting, trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, and other issues.

FURST, ARNOLD: „Post Hypnotic Instructions“ (originally published as „How to Prepare and Administer Hypnotic
Prescriptions – A textbook for the Hypnotherapist)
Trade Paperback, 1969, 207 pp.
This books is divided into two sections. The first part contains post- hypnotic suggestions for a wide variety of problems, such as habit control, emergencies, childbirth, children, and others, as well as instruction on how to construct suggestions properly. The second section is concerned with techniques for the Rapid Induction of Hypnosis – 27 different techniques all told.

BOYNE, GIL: „Transforming Therapy – A New Approach to Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1989, 392 pp,
This book documents Gil Boyne’s method of hypnotherapy. It consists mostly of transcripts of Gil working with actual clients. I have seen the videos of many of these sessions, and they are the real deal. See how Gil does this stuff without anything getting in the way. In an appendix, Boyne discusses his techniques.

HOWARD, JOHN: „Train Yourself in Holistic Hypnotherapy Vol II“
Paperback, 1994,191 pp
The second in a series of three books from the English hypnotherapist. This book concerns the induction of hypnosis, reincarnation, body healing, dealing directly with the subconscious, conducting an analysis,treating children, and further techniques.

PHILLIPS, ARTHUR : „Transformational Psychotherapy : An Approach to Creative Hypnotic Communication“
Hardbound, 1981, 150 pp, sl pencil underlining
A post-modern approach to hypnotherapy, informed by NLP, Erickson, psychodrama, systems theory, and psychotherapy. Covers rapport training, hypnotic communication, Overt and covert channels, nonverbal marking, the importance of context, the client’s mp of the world, epistemological challenges, regaining of cognitive innocence, principle of continuous revision, and more.

BOYNE; GIL [ed]: „Hypnosis: New Tool in Nursing Practice“
Hardbound 1982, 196 pp, front end paper excised
An anthology of 14 articles, each covering a different aspect of the use of hypnotism in the nursing profession. Includes pain relief, shock and trauma, hypnotizing children in the emergency room, anesthesia, pregnancy, and pre- and post-operative surgery assistance.

MITCHELL, ALAN: „Harley Street Hypnotist“
Hardbound, 1959, 249 pp.
Based on a series of lectures delivered in London in the autumn of 1957, this book recounts the cases of a British medical hypnotist who practiced on the famous Harley Street. Cases include pain relief, asthma, anxiety, paralysis, and others. In an unusual fit of honesty, this doctor DOESN’T cure all his patients!

KROGER, WILLIAM S. and FEZLER; WILLIAM : „Hypnosis and Behavior Modification“
Hardcover w/DJ, J.B. Lippincott, 1976, 426 pages,
$39.50 –
$35.00 a hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
Most readers of this list know Dr. Kroger for his monumental work on Clinical and Experimental hypnotism. This book was his second act. Concentrating on the use of visual imagery in behavior modification, the book contains techniques for induction, deepening, and treatment of a wide variety of problems, including sexual problems, smoking, alcoholism, drugs, obesity, enuresis, phobias, stuttering, pain, headaches, childbirth, and other conditions. A masterpiece!

UDOLF, ROY: „Handbook of Hypnosis for Professionals“
Hardbound w/DJ, 366 pp
One of the more readable and sensible all-around professional manuals, Udolf brings a keen mind and a well- researched theoretical foundation to put together one of my personal favorites. He is not afraid to tell it like he sees it: on Braidism „It is now known that fixation of the eye muscles without expectations of hypnotic induction does not induce a trance but merely eye fatigue.“ Every chapter has an in depth bibliography. This guy knows his stuff, and isn’t afraid to share it. Highly recommended.

KLIPPSTEIN (ed) – „Ericksonian Hypnotherapeutic Group Inductions“
Hardbound, 1991, Brunner Mazel, 300 pp,
This giant book is a compendium of Ericksonian scripts from the likes of Virginia Satir, Ernest Rossi, David Cheek, Joe Barber, Sidney Rosen and others. Use these scripts verbatim, or just to learn more about the Ericksonian approach. Of particular inte r est to those who conduct group therapy.

LECRON, LESLIE M. : „Techniques of Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/dj, Julian Press, 1961, 261 pp, First Edition, Out of Print
This book is written for the professional in medical and dental practice. The first half contains instruction in hypnotherapy, including trance management, uncovering techniques, possible dangers, suggestion therapy, and case histories. The second half, written by 9 different specialists, covers the use of hypnotism in Dermatology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Obesity, Anesthesiology, Radiology, Orthapaedic Surgery, Pediatrics, and Psychotherapy.

YAPKO, MICHAEL D. : „Hypnosis and the Treatment of Depressions – Strategies for Change“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 202 pp
Yapko, the master Ericksonian, has devoted a good part of his career to the treatment of depression, and this book is the pinnacle of his theoretical and practical work. He demonstrates that hypnosis can be a viable and effective tool in the treatment of depression, and give a wide variety of techniques, experiences, and methodologies for working with clients. Lots of transcripts.

SCOTT, MICHAEL J. : „Hypnosis in Skin and Allergic Diseases „
Hardbound w/DJ, 1960, 161 pp,
$25.00 – a spiral bound copy
With a foreward by Milton Erickson, this book by the M.D. from Seattle and instructor at the University of Washington school of Medicine covers the therapeutic use of hypnosis in the field of dermatology. His case studies cover herpes, acne, asthma and other problems.

WRIGHT, M. ERIK with WRIGHT, BEATRICE A.: „Clinical Practice of Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1987, 292 pp
$37.50 – hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
Published posthumously, this work is the crowning acheivement of the PhD and Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Kansas for 30 years. A complete advanced guide to hypnotherapy for the practioner, filled with techniques and scripts. Covers trance inductions, guided imagery, projective techniques, time reorientation, dissociation, pain control, weight control, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders and use of hypnosis for trauma victims.

HALL, JAMES A. : „Hypnosis – a Jungian Perspective“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1989, 178 pp
This innovative work ingetrates modern hypnotherapy with Jung’s analytic psychology, linking the skilled practice of hypnosis wit the Jungian vision of the human psyche. The author reviews clinical applications of hypnotherapy focusing on two basic types of hypnotic intervention – those that produce artificual complexes in order to counterbalance pathological complexes, and those that help to dissolve complexes from the past that are interfering with growth.

KLINE, MILTON (ED): „Clinical Correlations of Experimental Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1963, 524 pp
An anthology of articles which integrate experimental hypnosis with clinical concepts from the likes of John Watkins, Andre Weitzenhoffer, Ernest Hilgard, Harold Crasilneck, Margaret Brenman, Milton Kline, Jermone Schneck and others.Hard to find.

FRANCUCH, PETER DANIEL AND JONES, ARTHUR EARL : „Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound, 1983, 543 pp
An eclectic and uncommon brew of analytical hypnotherapy and New Age spirituality, this book is heavy on theory, transcripts, and insight. The author’s method uses extremely long sessions over a short period, and involves a lot of ideomotor signaling.

ARONS, HARRY & BUBECK, M.F.H.: „Handbook of Professional Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/dj, 1971, 282 pp, Out of Print
Arons, the masterful hypnotist in the authoritarian style, writes this guide for professionals covering all aspects of the hypnotherapy business, including attitude, interviews, dealing with resistance, setting up a practice, psychological theory, self and group hypnosis, uncovering techniques, and dozens of case histories.

WATKINS, JOHN G. : „Hypnotherapeutic Techniques – The Practice of Clinical Hypnosis Volume I“ WATKINS, JOHN G. : „Hypnoanalytic Techniques – The Practice of Clinical Hypnosis Volume 2“
Hardbound, 1987, 392
Back in the late 1940’s, Watkins was a pioneer with his groundbreaking work with soldiers returning from the war, as documented in his classic book Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses. Now, 40 years later, Watkins writes the crowning achievements of his career – this 2 volume set of books which form a complete hypnothrapy manual for the professional practitioner.

BROWN, DANIEL AND FROMM, ERIKA : „Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1986, 374 pp
$37.50 – a hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
A complete guide to hypnotherapy from two of the most respected academic hypnotists in the country – Brown from the Cambridge Hospital, and Fromm, from the University of Chicago. Covers all aspects of hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis, including inductions and deepening, hypnotherapy techniques, treatment plannings, clinical applications, and a long-term case history.

ARAOZ, DANIEL : „Hypnosis and Sex Therapy
Hardbound w/DJ, 178 pp, 1982
A very serious manuscript about treating sexual problems with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Strong in theory, and explicit invarious techniques for different types of sexual dysfunctions.

CHEEK, DAVID M.D.: and LESLIE LeCRON – „Clinical Hypnotherapy“
Hardcover w/DJ, Grune & Stratton, 1968, 245 pages Out of Print
From the intro: „Essentially we are offering a course of instruction in hypnotic techniques in clinical application. Here we are putting into writing what we have taught in courses given by Hypnosis Symposiums.“ This rare book covers it all, from testing and induction, to uncovering techniques and hypnotherapy.

DR. BARABASZ, AREED F.: „New Techniques in behavior Therapy and Hypnosis including Advanced Techniques in Sex Therapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1977, First Edition, 169 pp
A book on behavior therapy, with a strong emphasis on systematic densensitization, sellp orders, depression, headaches, and sex issues. About half the book addresses sex therapy. Hard to find.

FROSS DDS, GARLAND : „Handbook of Hypnotic techniques
Trade Paperback, 1966, 136 pp
Written by the Past Presiden of the American Institue of Hypnosis, this book is filled with tips and techniques on hypnotism useful for the beginner or the advanced practitioner. Has special reference to the use of hypnosis in dentistry. One of the best books on technique that you can buy.

GRIFFIN, JULIE : „Facilitating Wellness – Inside the Miracle of Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1996, 203 pp, New Copy
The true stories and case histories of the Boston Hypnotherapist. Each chapter represents a different client, with titles like „Sometimes I Talk to Cows“, The Penis Man, and Pee, Poop and Tommy. Lots of issues, scripts, cases and info.

DENGROVE, EDWARD: „Hypnosis in Behavior Therapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, 406 pp
With 42 contributors, this book is the granddaddy of them all – including pieces by Weitzenhoffer, Spanos, Barber, Lazarus, Kline, Meyer, Edmonston, Fromm, Kroger, Schneck, Hartland, Zimbardo and others. The issue of behavior therapy is central to most all hypnotherapy, and this book covers it from all angles such as desensitization, aversion therapy, direct suggestion, conditioning therapies, experimental analysis, and many other topics. Only $1 per article.

MILLER, MICHAEL M.D.: „Therapeutic Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1979, 368 pp
A hard-to-find volume from Human Sciences press from the psychiatrist known for mixing hypnosis and psychodrama with his psychotherapy. A good all-around text for hypnotherapy, including history, inductions, handling resistance to induction, hypnoaversion therapy, and contraindications for hypnosis.

EDELSTEIN, GERALD : „Trauma, Trance , and Transformation – A Clinical Guide to Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1981, 151 pp
One of the less verbose manuals, this book concentrates on basic therapeutic techniques to be used while the client is in trance. Includes uncovering techniques, dealing with abreaction, relearning techniques, and behavior modification.

SHAPIRO, MARIAN KAPLAN: „Second Childhood : Hypno-play Therapy with Age Regressed Adults“
Hardbound w/dj, 1988, 229 pp
Shapiro’s method, solidly based in developmental theory, consists of the strategic use of play therapy with adults in a hypnotically induced age- regressed state. It enables patients to work on issues originating in childhood in a safe environment.

ELMAN, DAVE : „Findings In Hypnosis“
Self Published, Hardcover 1968, 336 pages, Memorial Edition
This book is the only written legacy of Dave Elman, famous for his handshake method of hypnotic induction. Elman trained thousands of people in hypnotic techniques, and he distilled his classes into this book. Take a class from Dave Elman – He could just blow your current teacher away!

PELT, S.J. VAN: „Hypnotism and the Power Within“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1966, 208 pp Revised Edition
The first book by the prolific president of the British Society of Medical Hypnotists. I highly recommend the diagrams (for their informative value) and the photographs (for their humor value). A good overall introduction to the history of hypnotism, in duction methods, therapy with hypnosis, and why hypnotism is not more widely used. Very nice section describes Van Pelt’s ‚New Theory of Mental Illness‘ as well as a chapter on ‚The Menace of Psycho-Analysis.“

ZAHOUREK, ROTHLYN (ED): „Clinical Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestion in Patient Care“
Trade Paperback, 1990, 260 pp
An anthology of 14 authors covering a wide variety of issues involving the clinical use of hypnosis, including treatment of pain, anesthesia, childbirth, treating children, weight loss, smoking cessation, alcoholism, and the use of hypnotic techniques in psychotherapy.

BIDDLE, W. EARL : „Hypnosis in the Psychosis“
Hardbound, Charles C. Thomas, 1967, 138 pp
Written for psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who are experienced in hypnotherapy, and wish to extent their therapeutic armamentarium (and vocabulary!)

LONGACRE, R.D. : „Visualization and Guided Imagery in Complementary Medicine“
Trade Paperback, 1998, 198 pp, New Copy
A textbook for the use of clinical hypnosis and guided imagery while working alongside a traditional medical caregiver. Good scripts and pain management techniques.

KING, MARK & CITRENBAUM, CHARLES: „Existential Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1993, 175 pp
This pair of former Ericksonians, and the authors of Modern Clinical Hypnosis for Habit Control weigh in with this book informed by Kierkegaard, Sartre, and Nietzsche.

CLARKE, J. CHRISTOPHER & JACKSON, J. ARTHUR : „Hypnosis and Behavior Therapy – The Treatment of Anxiety and Phobias“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1983, 361 pp,
Firmly based in current psychological theory and practice, this book is a how-to manual for treating all manner of phobic, cognitive and panic anxieties using hypnotism and self-hypnosis. Covers hypnosis in children, agoraphobia, origin, nature and treatment of anxiety, hypnosis preparation and procedures, anxiety in sprots, and management and treatment of phobic anxiety and cognitive anxiety.

LECRON, LESLIE M.: „Hypnotism Today“
Trade Paperback, 1947, 278 pp, Out of Print
A good all around introduction to hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Covers history of hypnotism, induction, suggestibility, hypnotic phenomena, principles of suggestion, and therories of hypnosis. Foreward by Milton Erickson.

PRATT, GEORGE: „A Clinical Hypnosis Primer“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1984, 367 pp, Revised Edition in print for $90
A complete textbook of clinical hypnosis, includes a theoretical overview of modern perspectives on hypnotism, induction, imagery, self hypnosis, clinical applications for therapeutic and medical applications. A modern, all-in-one manual.

YAPKO, MICHAEL : „Suggestions of Abuse – True and False Memories of Childhood Sexual Trauma“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1994, 271 pp
We all know that memories recovered under hypnotic regression are not necessarilly true. Yapko confronts this dilemna head on, examining one of the most controversial issues of our times – recovered memories of sexual abuse.

WATKINS, JOHN G. : „Hypnotherapeutic Techniques – The Practice of Clinical Hypnosis Volume I“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1987, 392
$35.00 – hardbound copy with edgeworn dust jacket
Back in the late 1940’s, Watkins was a pioneer with his groundbreaking work with soldiers returning from the war, as documented in his classic book Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses. Now, 40 years later, Watkins writes the crowning achievements of his career – this is the first of a 2 volume set of books which form a complete hypnotherapy manual for the professional practitioner.

HOORWITZ, AARON NOAH: „Hypnotic Methods in Nonhypnotic Therapies“
Hardbound w/Dj, 1989, 253 pp
$29.50 – hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
This book allows nonhypnotic therapists to use hypnotic methods without elaborate inductions of formal trance. Includes work with smoking, headaches, food, obsession, and child custody.

CLARKE, J. CHRISTOPHER & JACKSON, J. ARTHUR : „Hypnosis and Behavior Therapy – The Treatment of Anxiety and Phobias“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1983, 361 pp, hiliting in 1 chapter
Firmly based in current psychological theory and practice, this book is a how-to manual for treating all manner of phobic, cognitive and panic anxieties using hypnotism and self-hypnosis. Covers hypnosis in children, agoraphobia, origin, nature and treatment of anxiety, hypnosis preparation and procedures, anxiety in sprots, and management and treatment of phobic anxiety and cognitive anxiety.

STEFFENHAGEN, R.A. (ed): „Hypnotic Techniques for Increasing Self-Esteem“
Hardbound, 1983, 264 pp, Out of Print
This volume takes a look at self-esteem issues, specifically how they relate to alcohol and drug problems, eating disorders, and sexuality issues. Theory from guest scholars is artfully integrated with case histories from the editor.

RITTERMAN, MICHELE: „Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1983, 351 pp
By the Bay Area therapis who has studied with Erickson, Haley, Minuchin and others, shows how hypnosis and feamily therapy can be combined to intervene simultaneously into the multiple levels of a symptom structure, working with both the innter worlds of family members and their outer interactional processes.

MCDONALD, ANDREW: „Psychosomatics and Hypnotism in Dentistry“
Hardbound, 1949, 58 pp
A practical and personal text by the Louisiana dentist, covers the psychosomatic aspects of dentistry, and the use of hypnotism in a dental practice.

ARLUCK, EDWARD : „Hypnoanalysis – a case study“
Paperback, 1964, 164 pp
The treatment of a case of traumatic war neurosis via an eclectic psychotherapeutic approach using special hypnotic techniques such as controlled association, auromatic post-hypnotic suggestions to dream writing, and dream association. One complete case.

WESTER, WILLIAM C. : „Clinical Hypnosis – a case management approach“
Hardbound, 1987, 370 pp
A really incredible book with 22 high-quality contributors addressing the full spectrum of clinical hypnosis. Includes Karen Olness on Pediatrics and Hypnotherapy, Marlene Hunder on Hypnosis in Medical Practice, Dr. Harold Golan on Hpnosis int he Treatment of Pain, D. Cordon Hammond on Induction and Deepening Techniques, plus sections

GARDNER, G. GAIL & OLNESS, KAREN : „Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Children“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1981, 397 pp
A comprehensive text, aimed at the practitioner treating children. Includes hypnotizability of children, inductions for children, and specific treatment plans for habit disorders, learning and performance, pain control, pediatric surgery, the terminally ill child, and other topics.

CRASILNECK, HAROLD & HALL, JAMES: „Clinical Hypnosis – Principles and Applications“
Hardbound, 1986, Second Edition, 486 pp., Out of Print
With a foreword by Lewis Wolberg, this book is intended for the serious student or practitioner of medicine who desires a fundamental knowledge of the principles and applicaations of hypnosis. Covers history, theories, and induction of hypnosis, as well as its application in a variety of medical applications, such as pain control, canacer, smoking, pediatric problems, sexual issues, obsterics and gynecology, and other problems.

DURBIN, PAUL : „Kissing Frogs – The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy“
Trade Paperback, 1996, 246 pp, New Copy
Durbin, a chaplain from New Orleans and a member of the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, has written this book filled with case histories about the practical uses of hypnotherapy, often within the context of religious counseling. Includes his personal scripts for inductions and treatment.

YAPKO, MICHAEL: „Trancework – An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/dj, 1990, 446 pp, New Copy
$35 – used copy with dust jacket
$29.50 – hardbound copy of the first edition
A very good general introduction to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, covering all aspects from induction and deepening, to suggestibility testing, trance phenomena, trance scripts, and annotated transcripts of sessions.

GILLIGAN, STEPHEN & PRICE, REESE (eds): „Therapeutic Conversations“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1993, 362 pp, New Copy
$27.50 – used copy
A new book of Ericksonian therapies in practice. A collection of 17 different cases, each with the use of therapeutic metaphorical conversation used to promote change in the client. In an unusual move, each chapter contains a commentary by a different author. Includes contributions by Gilligan, William O’Hanlon, John Weakland and others.

YAPKO, MICHAEL (Ed): „Hypnotic and Strategic Interventions: Principles and Practice“
Hardbound, 1986, 355 pp
Drawn from the proceedings of the First Annual San Diego Conference on Hypnotic and Strategic Interventions organized by the Milton H. Erickson Institute of San Diego,these papers focus on Ericksonian Conceptual Frameworks, Tools for Facilitating Treatment, and more, including Parts Work, the use of statistical modeling in hypnosis, hypnosis with children, Pattern Interuption, and other wide-ranging issues. Uncommon.

KLEMPERER, EDITH M.D.: „Past Ego states Emerging in Hypnoanalysis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1968, 270 pp
The psychiatrist here deals with the emergence of past ego states during hypnoanalysis, and how they can provide an incisive, reliable clue to the divergent roots of the present complications. Thats PsychSpeak for regression to root causes, for you who can’t stand jargon. An uncommon book

WOLBERG, LEWIS : „Medical Hypnosis“ Hardbound, Grune & Stratton, 1948
Vol I – The Principles of Hypnotherapy 449 pp
Vol II – The Practice of Hypnotherapy 513 pp
$59.50 for both volumes
$45.00 – an ex-library set of two
These books are the granddaddies of modern American hypnotherapy. Wolberg’s straightforward style and encyclopedia-like knowledge covers all aspects of hypnotism and its use in a clinical setting. History, technique, applications, and theory, no hypnotism library is complete without these seminal works.

HARTMAN, B.J. : „A System of Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1980, 323 pp
A copmprehenxive work which reviews the plethora of theories on hypnosis, from the physiological ones to more recent psychological aspects, and then adds an instructional guide based on the author’s own experiences in the field. Includes Theoretical and Phenomenological Aspects of Hypnosis, the Induction of Hypnosis, Stages and Depth of Hypnosis, types of hypnotherapy, Phases of Hypnotherapy, and Hypnosis in Treatment.

MAGONET, A. PHILIP : „Hypnosis in Medicine“
Trade Paperback, 1957, 104 pp
A slim volume from the former president of the british Medical Hypnosis Association. Covers history of hynotism, techniques, psychotherapy, psychosomatic symptoms, Impotence, Hypnotic Phenomena, Obstetrics, Psychoneurosis, Homosexuality and other topics.

VAN PELT, S.J. : „Modern Hypnotism – Key to the Mind“
Trade Paperback, 1956, 88 pp.
Some case histories from this Harley Street doctor and former president of the British Society of Medical Hypnotists. Includes Van Pelt’s theories of suggestion, as well as some great photos of dental work being done under hypnosis.

KARLE, HELLMUT : „Thorsons Introductory Guide to Hypnotherapy“

Paperback, 1988, 96 pp
This British import is a great introduction to the subject of hypnotherapy for the laay person. It does NOT explain techniques – rather it contains information on what to expect of treatment by hypnosis, and works to dispel the myths and misonceptions commonly associated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

ELMAN, DAVE: „Hypnotherapy“
Hardcover, , 336 pages, NEW COPY
This book is the only written legacy of Dave Elman, famous for his handshake method of hypnotic induction. Elman trained thousands of people in hypnotic techniques, and he distilled his classes into this book. This is perhaps the single most-requested book at Tranceworks.

NAPOWSA, WALTERS D.: „Hypno Technology : Roles of the Hypno-Technician Vol I“
Softbound, 1977, 218 pp Out of Print
This hypnotist from Florida teaches the role of the Hypno-Technician in junior college in St. Petersburg. A nice book of tips, scripts and techniques for aspiring professionals.

SCHNECK, JEROME M.: M.D (ed) „Hypnosis in Modern Medicine“
Hardbound , 1963, 452 pp, Third Edition Out of Print
If you have the first or second edition of this book, take a closer look, because it was completely revised and rewritten for the third edition. Old sections were dropped, and new ones by Milton Marmer, Bernard Raginsky, John Watkins, Anislie Meares, Milton Kline and others have been added. A great anthology of articles about medical hypnotism from a distinguished group of experts.

PARNELL, LAUREL : „Transforming Trauma EMDR“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1997, 287 pp
The author is a clinical psychologist in San Rafael, California, and a senior EMDR Institute trainer. This book provides a compelling insider’s view of Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) from her own case studeis.

GORDON, MARILYN: „Healing is Remembering Who You Are“
Trade Paperback, 1991, 137 pp, New Copy
With a foreword by Ormand McGill, this practical, inspiritional and easy to read book gives many specific hypnotherapy techniques as well as fascinating stories abut actual hypnotherapy experiences such as healing food and eating problems, abandonment, unworhiness, intimidation, loneliness, sexual abuse, and other issues.

SHRADER, WESLEY : „The Amazing Power of Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, First Edition, 189 pp Out of Print
From a Baptist Minster and Manhattan Hypnotherapist, this book presents 26 case histories compiled from over a quarter century of patient counseling. Shrader’s cases include fear of flying, dying, gaining weight, coming to terms with homosexuality, alcoholism, cigarette addiction, insomnia and other issues.

BURNAP, RAYMOND M.D.: „Extension of Human Capability and Function Through Reflex Conditioning“
Paperback, 1967, 21 pp
This small pamphlet from the Californian doctor discusses a Pavlovian approach to hypnotic conditioning, including several case histories.

BACON, AXEL WAYNE: „Hypnotism: Course of 17 Practical Self-Study Lessons on Hypnotic Power“
Trade Paperback, 1945 – later printing, 265 pp
Another rewrite of the Young book on Hypnotism, circa 1899. Especially strong in historical references to Liebault, Nancy, Luys, Charcot, Tuckey, Bernheim, and the other masters of the day.

VAN PELT, S. J. & AMBROSE, GORDON & NEWBOLD, GEORGE: „Medical Hypnosis Handbook“
Trade Paperback, 1970, 187 pp
Three heavyweights in the field chime in with this book for the medical practitioner, first published in 1953. Van Pelt introduced the concepts of hypnotism, Ambrose writes about hypnotism of children, and Newbold contributes sections about hypnosis in childbirth and gynecology.

AMBROSE, GORDON & NEWBOLD, GEORGE: „Hypnosis In Health and Sickness“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1957, 196 pp
$15.00 – a hardbound copy
A book for medical doctors and the general public, it covers the mental and emotional aspects of physical ailments, specifically the role of anxiety as a cause of illness, and the use of hypnotherapy to provide relief. Strong sections on hypnotism with children, and it use in gynecology and obstetrics.

BOYNE, GIL : „Marketing Self-Hypnosis and Other Group Programs“
Perfectbound in Wrappers, 1988, 68 pp
The SoCal hypnotism instructor and master marketer gives you his secrets on running self-hypnosis classes, and how to expand your hypnotherapy business.

ERSKINE, ALEX : „A Hypnotist’s Case Book“
Trade paperback, 1932, later printing, 128 pp
$16 00
A casebook from the British hypnotist. Covers hypnotism and pain, medical hypnosis, hypnotism for drug and alcohol problems, hypnotism and crime, and other topics. I rarely come across this book.

MEARES, AINSLIE : „A System of Medical Hypnosis“
Hardbound , 1960, later printing, 484 pp
A giant book, covers all aspects of hypnosis from a medical point of view. Sections on Nature of Hypnosis, Induction, Suggestive Therapy, Hypnoanalysis, and Hypnosis in General Medicine. By the author of Hypnography and States of Sanity.

GINDES, BERNARD : „New Concepts of Hypnosis -Theories, Techniques, and Practical Applications“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1951, 262 pp
$7.50 – Paperback copy
A succinct and fascinating look at the uses of hypnotism as an adjunct to medical and psychological treatment. The book contains a history of hypnosis, specific induction and deepening techniques, therapeutic uses, and several case histories. One of my favorite aspects of this book is the rich reference sitings which accompany EACH CHAPTER of the book.

HERON, WILLIAM T. : „Clinical Applications of Suggestion and Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1953, Second Edition (revised and expanded) 137 pp
$19.50 – hardbound copy of the first edition
One of the early post war manuals of hypnotherapy from a PhD in psychology at the University of Minnesota. Covers history, approaching the patient, degrees of hypnosis, methods of induction, posthypnotic suggestions, precautions in the use of hypnosis, and group hypnosis. Special notes on use of hypnosis in dentistry.

CONNERY & SPEIGEL „The Inner Source – Exploring Hypnosis with Dr. Herbert Speigel“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1982, 261 pp
$10.00 – Paperback copy
„60 Minutes“ called him ‚the leading expert in the country, perhaps in the world“ For more than two decades he has taught a legendary graduate course in the medical and therapeutic uses of hypnosis at Columbia University’s prestigious College of Physicians and Surgeons. And of course, he is the author of Trance and Treatment. The work of Dr. Herbert Speigel is the subject of this book.

WICKRAMASEKERA, IAN (ed): „Biofeedback, Behavior Therapy and Hypnosis: Potentiating the Verbal Control of Behavior for Clinicians“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, 589 pp
A collection of articles, with separate sections on Biofeedback, Behavior Modification, and Hypnosis. Includes Spiegel’s ‚An Eye-Roll Test for Hypnotizability‘, Zimbardo’s Objective Assessment of Hypnotically- Induced Time Distortion, Spiegel’s A Single-Treatment Method To Stop Smoking Using Ancillary Self-Hypnosis, and dozens of other articles of interest. A huge book.

SPIEGEL, HERBERT M.D. & SPIEGEL, M.D. :“Trance and Treatment: Clinical Uses of Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/dj, Basic Books, 1978, 382 pp
One of the most innovative and creative books on hypnotism, the Spiegel’s come up with a unique theory of hypnotizability and personality. The inventor of the Eye Roll test perfects his hypnotizability test even further in this book with the Hypnotic Induction Profile. A modern primary source from two experts.

OFSHE, RICHARD & WATTERS, ETHAN : „Making Monsters – False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1994, 340
A definitive account of the involvement of hypnosis to create false memories during therapy from the Pulitzer Prize winning psychologist Ofshe and Mother Jones writer Watters. Great investigatory work.

ARAOZ, DANIEL: „The New Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1985, 214 pp
Araoz traces the new movement in hypnosis based on client-centered therapy, humanistic psychology, and inner transformation, back to the New Nancy school. Contains techniques, transcripts, and a great bibliography.

ARAOZ, DANIEL AND SUTTON, WILLIAM: „Reengineering Yourself“
Trade Paperback, 1994, 223 pp
Araoz takes off his hypnotherapist hat, and puts on his management consulting one in this book which gives you a blueprint for personal success in the new corporate culture. Features lots of self-help exercises to help you change in harmony with the demands of your work, your world, and the people around you.

DAUVEN, JEAN : „The Powers of Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1980 (1965), 255 pp
Translated from the French in this English paperback. A remarkably well illustrated book on hypnotism with sections on history, practice, and therapeutic use.

HILGARD, JOSEPHINE : „Hypnotherapy of Pain in Children with Cancer“
Hardbound w/DJ, 250 pp, NEW COPY
$24.50 – a used copy
Clearly written, yet rigorously scientific, this comprehensive study of the effects of hypnosis in reducing anxiety and pain in children with cancer is both a step-by-step resource for clinical work and a study of theoretical issues.

SALTER, ANDREW : „Conditioned Reflex Therapy“
Hardbound, 1949, 359 pp
$10.00 a trade paperback copy
„Psychoanalysis has outlived its usefulness“ Salter proclaims in this post- war tome. Salter is talking about chucking analysis and replacing it with Pavlovian conditioning under hypnosis! „In the conditioned reflex, he has seen the essence of hypnosis.“ Combines hypnotism and classic conditioning.

WILLIAMS, JOHN K. : „The Knack of Using Your Subconscious Mind“
Trade Paperback, 1952, 112
A practical guide showing you how to tap the powerful resources of your subconscious mind without the use of hypnosis.

MOODIE, WILLIAM : „Hypnosis in Treatment“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1960, 167 pp
This slim volume comes from a British doctor who specializes in treating children via hypnosis. Includes light hypnosis and suggestion, how a symptom becomes a habit, hypnoanalysis, and treating behavior disorders in children.

MILLS and CROWLEY – „Therapeutic Metaphors for Children“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1986, 261 pp
Application of Ericksonian technique to children’s therapy, these authors use a combination of teaching tales with art therapy to forge a unique approach to working with children.

RHODES, RAPHAEL: „Therapy Through Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1952, 272 pp
$19.50 – Hardbound British First edition published as ‚Curative Hypnosis‘
$6.50 – a paperback copy
An anthology of 17 articles reads like a Who’s Who of Hypnotic thought: Andrew Salter, Lewis Wolberg, S.J. Van Pelt, William S. Kroger, Gordon Ambrose, Milton Erickson, Robert Linder and more. Articles on Hypnotism in Obstetrics, Children, Alcoholism, Depression, Menstural Pain, Habit Control, and Self- Hypnosis for Obesity are covered, in addition to other topics.

MARKHAM, URSULA : „Regression Therapy Using Hypnosis“
Paperback, 1991, 126 pp
Markham, a professional hypnotherapist from England, shows how regression therapy techniques can be use to help access and come to terms with a traumatic emotional experience from the past which may still be causing problems today.

MOSS, C. SCOTT : „Dreams, Images and Fantasy – A Semantic Differerential Casebook“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1970, 302 pp
$15 – an ex-library copy
Moss, also the author of Hypnotism in Perspective, is concerned with intensive, time-limited, crisis-oriented psychotherapy with hypnosis as a facilitant. Includes a complete transcript of a single client.

MOSS, C. SCOTT & JAMES, PAULINE : „Black Rover Come Over! The Hypnosymbolic Treatment of a Phobia“
Trade Paperback, 1970, 140 pp
A single case history from the book Dreams, Images and Fantasy, which demonstrates the techniques of hypnosymbolic psychotherapy. The patient had been terrified of dogs all her life, and under hypnosis she discovers the cause.

JACOBSON, EDMUN: „Progressive Relaxation“
Trade Paperback, University of Chicago Press, 1974 (1929), 494 pp
One of the earliest scholarly book about the relaxation response. Includes a complete progressive relaxation routine that can be used as a hypnotic induction, as well as scores of experimental data applicable to hypnotism.

CITRENBAUM, et al: „Modern Clinical Hypnosis for Habit Control“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1985, 200 pp
These authors assume you already know the basics of hypnosis, and concentrate on treating behavior problems most associated with hypnotic therapy: cigarette smoking, overeating, and alcohol and drug abuse. They use Ericksonian methods, such as anchoring and reframing, and teach their clients self hypnosis as well.

DORCUS, ROY : „Hypnosis and its Therapeutic Applications“
Hardbound, 1956, approx 300 pages
$17.50 – an ex-library copy in good condition only, a reading copy
An anthology of articles from the likes of Dorcus, Frank Pattie, Milton Kline, Ted Sarbin and others representing the state of the art of all aspects of therapeutic hypnosis. Includes methods of induction, theories, learning and habit modification, pain control, hypnoanalysis, and other topics.

WOLBERG, LEWIS : „Hypnoanalysis“
Hardbound w/DJ, (1945), 342 pp
$25.00 – hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
This book may very well have single handedly ushered in the modern age of hypnosis. Combining an in-depth hypnoanalysis of a single patient, with theory and practice including recall of buried memories, transference, dealing with resistance, and interpretation, Wolberg’s classic is a must read.

AMBROSE, GORDON & NEWBOLD, GEORGE: „Handbook of Medical Hypnosis“
Hardbound, 1968, Third Edition, 312 pp sl discolored boards, sl hiliting
A complete text of medical and clinical hypnosis from two British M.D’s. Completely rewritten from its 1953 beginnings.

CHEEK, DAVID & ROSSI, ERNEST : „Mind-Body Therapy – Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis“
Hardback w/DJ, 1988, 519 pp
This incredible book combines Cheek’s idea of ideomotor signaling under hypnosis and combined it with Rossi’s ground breaking work with Ultradian rhythms to form a cohesive, innovative approach to hypnotherapy. Packed with information!

ROSSI, ERNEST : „The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing – New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1993, 231 pp, New Copy
$27.50 – Hardbound w/DJ of the first edition, 1986
$15.00 – a trade paperback copy of the first edition, 1986
A dash of NLP, a bunch of Ericksonian Therapy, a bit of psychoneuroimmunology and molecular genetics and of course, hypnotism, make up the recipe for this new look at hypnotic therapy. The man who became famous for annotating Erickson comes into his own in this revised version of his famous text.

KLINE, MILTON (ed) : „Hypnodynamic Psychology“

Hardbound w/DJ, Julian Press (1955), 367 pages, out of print
Contents: „Social Psychological Aspects of Hypnosis“ (Glasner), „Theoreti- cal and Conceptual Aspects of Psychotherapy“ (Kline), Basic Psychological Principles and Hypnosis (Guze); „Animal Hypnosis and Psychology (Marcuse); „Experimental Psychopathology“ (Sweetland); „Induction Techniques“ (Weitzenhoffer);

LINDNER ,ROBERT: „Rebel Without A Cause – the Hypnoanalysis of a Criminal Psychopath“
Hardbound, Grune & Stratton, 1944, 296 pp
$10.00 – A Paperback Copy
Amazingly, this book predates Wolberg’s book, Hypnoanalysis, by a year! A very early work of hypnoanalysis, and the classic James Dean film is loosely based on this book.

VAN PELT, S.J. : „Secrets of Hypnotism“
Trade Paperback, 1958, 208 pp, NEW COPY
The Harley Street M.D. and former president of the British Society of Medical Hypnotists has gathered together lectures and numerous articles from the British Journal of Medical Hypnotism to create this book, which covers myriad applications of hypnotism in a medical setting. Also contains a fascinating theoretical section.

MAGONET, PHILLIP : „Practical Hypnotism“
Trade Paperback, 1957, 104 pp
Originally titled „Hypnosis in Medicine“, this book by the former president of the British Medical Hypnosis Association might be an autobiography of Dr. Magonet’s medical career. Special insight is garnered regarding the state of Hypnotism in England. Dozens of case histories include obstetrics, psychosomatic symptoms, psychoneuroses, and sexual dysfunction.

MITCHELL, ALAN : „Harley Street Hypnotist“
Hardbound, 1959, 249 pp.
Based on a series of lectures delivered in London in the autumn of 1957, this book recounts the cases of a British medical hypnotist who practiced on the famous Harley Street. Cases include pain relief, asthma, anxiety, paralysis, and others. In an unusual fit of honesty, this doctor DOESN’T cure all his patients!

DOWD, E. THOMAS (ed): „Case Studies in Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/dj, 1986, 318 pp. Out of Print
A series of 24 articles using the casebook approach to show how hypnotherapy is being used in contemporary clinical settings. Sections on Emotional Problems, Family and Relationship Problems, Habit Control, Somatic Problems (Bulimia, Hiccups), Pain Control, and the Frontiers of Hypnotherapy. Lots of actual transcripts.

SHAW, S. IRWIN : „Hypnotism Can Help“
Hardbound, 1948, 213 pp, Out of Print
Shaw was a dentist who was born in Manchester, England, and eventually settled in Detroit Michigan. These are his personal tales of using hypnosis on patients for a variety of problems. Shaw is also the author of „Hypnosis in Dentistry“.

ROSEN, HAROLD : „Hypnotherapy in Clinical Psychiatry“
Hardbound w/torn DJ, Julian Press, (1953) 313 pp
One of the books from the golden age of the 50’s, when psychologists and psychiatrists began the serious use of hypnotism, Rosen has meticulously researched, documented, and written case studies dealing with Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Gynecology, Neurological condtions, Urologic Disease, and other conditions. Great bibliographies, and a section on special hypnotic techniques.

ELLEN, ARTHUR : „The Intimate Casebook of a Hypnotist“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1968, 171 pp
$8.00 – a paperback copy
In this amazing book, Mr. Ellen tells how he has removed humps from hunchbacks, straightened withered limbs, made the crippled walk, the impotent potent, and the sterile fertile. Also included are many celebrity tales, including hypnotic therapies for Tony Curtis, Maury Wills, George Shearing, Johnny Mathis, Vic Damone and others.

DR. GOLDBERG, BRUCE: „New Age Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1998, 225 pp
A great script book of new age techniques, including past lives, attracting a soul mate, meeting your guardian angel, leaving the physical body, strengthening the immune system, heightening psychic awareness, eliminating bad habits and more.

DR. HICKMAN, IRENE: „Mind Probe – Hypnosis“
Trade paperback, 1983, 200 pp
Transcripts abound in this book of non-directive hypnotherapy. Dr. Hickman’s cases cover a wide range of issues, including sexual problems, migraines, allergies, birth and death experiences among others. She uses hypnosis to go to the root of the issue, excavating the original cause like an archaeologist.

BARNETT, EDGAR M.D. :“Unlock your Mind and Be Free – A Practical Approach to Hypnotherapy“
Trade Paperback, 1984, 153 pp NEW COPY
$15.00 – hardbound copy w/DJ
The author of the great textbook Analytical Hypnotherapy weighs in with this slim volume based on transactional analysis. Use ideomotor signaling with both hetero and self hypnosis.

WOODWARD, L. T. : „Sex and Hypnosis“
Paperback, 1961, 137 pp
Case studies from a M.D. who specializes in helping cases of sexual dysfunction through the use of hypnotism.

FRANK, JEROME: „Persuasion and Healing“

Hardbound w/DJ, 1973, 378 pp, In Print for $47.00
$10.00 – a trade paperback copy, some hiliting
First written in 1961, later revised, this classic work explores all aspects of healing via persuasion, with a special emphasis on psychotherapy. Examines healing rituals, the placebo effect, and contemporary forms of individual, group and encounter therapy.

GILL, MERTON and BRENMAN, MARGARET: „Hypnosis and Related States: Psychoanalytic Studies in Regression“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1959, 405 pp
$22.50 – Hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
The first half of this book covers induction, the hypnotic state, theory of hypnotism, and the metapsychology of regression and hypnosis. The second half investigates similar phenomenon such as dreams, brainwashing, trance in Bali, and the use of hypnosis in psychotherapy.

GILL, MERTON and BRENMAN, MARGARET: „Hypnotherapy: A Survey of the Literature“
Hardbound w/worn DJ, 1947, 276 pp
$15.00 – a trade paperback copy
A very good copy of one of the seminal works on hypnotherapy in this country during the furtive Post war period. I often use this book as a guide to the hypnotherapy concepts prevelant before 1950. Karl Menninger also makes an appearance.

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