Weiterführende Literatur Englisch


Asons, Harry: The Master Course in Hypnotism. Literary Licensing 2011.

Bernheim, Hippolyte/ Herter, Christian A.: Suggestive Therapeutics: A Treatise on the Nature and Uses of Hypnotism. Montana: Kessinger Publishing 2010.

Binet, Alfred/ Whyte Adam Gowans: The Psychology of Reasoning: Based on Experimental Researches in Hypnotism. Nabu Press 2010.

Brown, Henry Harrison: Not hypnotism but suggestion; a lesson in soul culture….Ulan Press 2011.

Cocke, James Richard. Hypnotism. 2010.

Hudson, Thomson Jay/ Bell, Clark: Spiritism, Hypnotism and Telepathy: As Involved in the Case of Mrs. Leonora E. Piper and the Society of Psychical Research. Nabu Press 2010.

Icon Group International: Hypnotism: Webster’s Quotations, Facts and Phrases. 2010.

McBryer, James T.: The Key to Hypnotism Simplified. Literary Licensing 2011.

Ouspensky, D.P.: On the Study of Dreams and Hypnotism. Montana: Kessinger Publishing 2010.

Saint-Germain, Comte C.: Hypnotism and the Theory of the Od Polarity. Montana: Kessinger Publishing 2010.

Smith, Steve: Hypnotism and Religion – The production of miracles by mental suggestion. Noon Sun Publishing 2013.

Swedenborg, Emmanuel: Hypnotism. Montana: Kessinger Publishing 2010.

White, George: A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism Telepathy and Hypnotism. Montana: Kessinger Publishing 2010.

Young, L.E.: 25 Lessons in Hypnotism. Montana: Kessinger Publishing 2010.

Preston Dr. Michael D., Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind
2001 edition
$26.95 US
ISBN 1-930580-11-8. 338 pages
Availability includes Amazon Books
Concepts in Preston’s book provide today’s alternative medicine culture a way to become more advanced, more effective, and more traditional. While current technology allows Preston to prove and confirm facts, his description of the hypnotic process can be understood without it. The author’s Doctorate in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, and Law, plus continuous study of sciences contributing to the knowledge of hypnosis is abundantly demonstrated throughout his text.
Within his first three chapters, hypnosis changes from art to science as Preston details the process and cause of hypnosis. The next three chapters connect hypnosis with brain biology, stress effects, and treatment considerations.
While Preston acknowledges various methods of hypnosis, he writes examples and instructions using progressive techniques that allow a reader-student to understand every step. The generous use of explanations that precede, interrupt, and follow his therapy techniques give understanding and direction of each hypnosis procedure. This process orientation gives hypnotherapists who use other techniques insight into their work.
Preston intends this manual to be for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioner, and this may be true until chapter seven (of sixteen), where he must begin describing the interconnection of one therapy process in terms of others. For example, chapter ten describes the process of dealing with cancer and immune system problems with a modification of the „library“ concept. But to fully understand the use of „library“ requires a reasonable understanding of several other variations of the „library“ technique that take place within chapters following.
The text’s clarity in explaining hypnosis is easy to understand but is presented with a density of concept after concept that makes for slow reading. Your reward for these hours spent reading will be a generous understanding of the hypnosis process.

Gagnon, Leo: How to Stop the Pain and Live Happier Ever After
198 pages, ©1995
International Network Publishers
Sevierville, TN, USA
ISBN No. 1-885640-18-8. USA$29.95.
An excellent book for those learning hypnotherapy or contemplating being a hypnotherapy patient. While its text is well written to allow someone with a high school education to understand it, the presentation is definitely adult.
The title, Be Happy, and the smiling face of Dr. Gagnon on the cover may lead you to think this is a lightweight presentation; it isn’t. Dr. Gagnon writes as if a stern father who expects success.
There is no hocus-pocus, no mystery, no miracles. The book focuses heavily on recovering from victimization, hang-ups, guilt, shame, grief, depression, anger, and anxiety. First he explains why these situations may have occurred, then he gives the process to find resolution.
Dr. Gagnon recommends if the reader has a problem beyond a certain level of intensity, to seek professional help. He lists an address to assist readers to locate a help source when they cannot find one in their community. Even then, such an individual would want to read this book to know what to expect.
Does Dr. Gagnon’s sequence work? I decided to try a few pet hang-ups of mine, some old emotional memories that once and a while would annoy me; not enough to do anything about, but annoying anyway. It was easy to understand what Dr. Gagnon had written, but I double checked his sequence anyway to make sure I had everything in the correct order.
It took less than five minutes, just before lunch. I lay on my bed, relaxed a bit, pretended to do the imagery Dr. Gagnon recommended, in the sequence he wanted, and then got up. I was done. It worked. The memories were there, but the related emotions were gone.
This book glows with Dr. Gagnon’s success of taking this complex issue, explaining it, resolving it, and being brief but complete. It has my positive recommendation.

Tart, Charles (ed.): „Altered States of Consciousness

* A book of readings“
Hardbound 1972, 575pp
$17.50 – a trade paperback copy
A classic compendium from the sixties, about various states of consciousness, including hypnagogia, dreaming, meditation, drugs, and psychophysiology, and hypnosis. 35 articles in all, including six on hypnosis, three on hypnosis and psychedelic states.

TRIPICIAN, JOE: „The Official Alien Abductee’s Handbook“

* Trade Paperback, 1997, 125 pp
A tongue-in-cheek guide on how to recover from Alien Abductions without hypnotherapy, crystals or CIA surveilance. Includes what to tell your doctor, how to tell your significant other, and how to appear on talk shows. Don’t be unprepared when the shape-shifters hit the fan.

VERDIER,PAUL: „Brainwashing and the Cults“

* Trade Paperback, 1977, 118 pp
An expose on capturing the human by this clinical psychologist from California. Extensive coverage of the use of hypnotism in brainwashing, as well as a method of determining the degree that a person has been brainwashed. Also discusses Patty Hearst, the Manson family, and religious cults and their methods.

TART,CHARLES: „Open Mind, Discriminating Mind – Reflections on Human Possibilities“

* Trade Paperback, 1989, 391 pp
With the mind of a scientist and the enthusiasm of a mystic, Tart approachs the fringe with a look at dreams, yoga, aikido, psychic readings, firewalking, meditation, prayer, and spiritual growth. A mature work from one of the world’s leading experts on consciousness.

Spiral Bound, 1985, 80 pp
A basic manual on Educational Kinesiology for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. Teaches exercises meant to unblock the homolateral, one-sided learner who is having problems at school. Also covers muscle testing, and methods of reprogramming.

LANDE,NATHANIEL: „Mindstyles/Lifestyles“
Oversize Trade Paperback, 496 pp, 1976
A comprehensive overview of life-changing philosophies, including modern psychology, altered states of consciousness, the new physics, interview with buckminster fuller, parapsychology, the occult, alternative religion, sex styles, and body work. Also includes an interview with William Kroger on hypnosis, John Lilly on Dolphins, and Heinz Von Foerster on the participant observer.

TALBOT,MICHAEL: „The Holographic Universe“
Trade Paperback, 1991, 338 pp
A remarkable new theory of reality that explains the paranormal abilities of the mnd, the latest frontiers of physics, and the unsolved riddles of brain and body. From the author of Beyond the Quantum.

WOLINSKY,STEPHEN: „Quantum Consciousness“
Trade Paperback, 1993, 260 pp
A guide to experiencing quantum psychology, this book contains aseries of 85 exercises and meditations, from the Ericksonian hypnotist and Gestalt Therapist and author of Trances People Live.

WOLINSKY,STEPHEN: „The Tao of Chaos = Quantum Consciousness Vol II“
Trade Paperback, 1994, 348 pp, sl underlining
The sequel delves into the enneagram, chaos, and the dysfunctional personality.

WILSON,ROBERT ANTON: „Quantum Psychology“
Trade Paperback, 1990, 202 pp
A new take on psychology informed by quantum mechanics, relativity, general semantics, set theory, non-Euclidian geometries, and non- Aristotelian logic. Need to look at things from a VERY different point of view? Try this one.

KEY,WILSON BRYAN „Subliminal Seduction“
Paperback, 1973, 205 pp
With an introduction by Marshall McLuhan, this is the book which blew the cover on the use of subliminal methods in advertising? Don’t believe in subliminal advertising? I dare you to read this book and then say so!

KEY,WILSON BRYAN : „Media Sexploitation“
Paperback, 1976, 234 pp.
The sequel to Subliminal Seduction, about how hidden and subliminal images and messages are used by everyday advertising. A Classic.

KEY,WILSON BRYAN: „The Clam-Plate Orgy – and other subliminal techniques for manipulating your behavior“
Paperback, 1976, 234 pp.
The last in the series of works by Key on subliminal advertising. You will never look at a plate of clams the same way again!

YOUNG-SOWERS,MEREDITH L.: „Angelic Messenger Cards – A Divination System for Spiritual Self-Discovery“
Book and card set in Slip-Case, 1993,
224 pages with deck of 48 cards
Learn from your personal angels through the beauty and symbolism of real flowers in this magnificent gift set. The cards and book help you to heal and balance your body, mind and spirit, learn from nature’s cycles how to flow with life, find inner support for your life choices, and create deeply meaningful and loving relationship. A different approach to guide you on your spiritual path..

DAVID-NEEL,ALEXANDRA : „Magic and Mystery in Tibet“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1956, 320 pp
Alexandra David-Neel is the only European woman to have been honored with the rank of a Lama. The first book by David-Neel deals with the sacred mysteries of the Tibetan Lamas. Written inside a Tibetan monastery, I would tell you the secrets, but then they wouldn’t be secrets any more.

URI GELLER „Uri Geller’s Mindpower Kit“
Book, Tape, Crystal and Meditation Circle in shrink-wrapped box set
Covers Visualization, ESP, Crystals, the power of color, how to dowse, talking to manuals, psychic healing, clearing the mind, divination, and more.

PANATI,CHARLES [ed]: „The Geller Papers – Scientific observations on the paranormal powers of Uri Geller“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1976, 317 pp
Geller demonstrated his powers in reputable laboratories from Stanford University to Kings College, and this book, by the science editor at Newsweek, collected the papers and reports of these sessions. A scientific look or just another hoax?

GUILEY,ROSEMARY ELLEN : „The Alchemical Tarot“
Book and Tarot Deck, Sealed Copy
A beautiful deck designed by interntionally nown scultpor and artist, Robert Place. Combined with a book which provides an hisstorical overview of both alchemy and the Tarot, as well as insights into the origins of the images on the card. Would make a nice gift too.

KING,SERGE HAKILI: „Kahuna Healing“
Trade paperback, 1983, 173 pp
A guide to the Huna Way, from the author of Imagineering and Mastering Your Hidden Self. An excellent introduction.

HERRIGEL,EUGEN : „Zen in the Art of Archery“
Paperback, 1971, 109 pp
The classic book written by a German philosopher who came to Japan and took up the practice of archery toward an understanding of Zen. A great Western book on an impenetrable Eastern mystery.

KING,SERGE HAKILI: „Mastering Your Hidden Self“
Trade paperback, 1993, 180
A guide to the Huna Way, from the author of Imagineering.

HILLEL,DR. RACHEL : „The Redempton of the Feminine Erotic Soul“
Trade Paperback, 1997, 151 pp
A Jungian look at the natural sexuality of the female identity, and at how women can recapture wholeness by experiencing the depth of erotic love.

LIU,DR. HONG : „Mastering Miracles“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1977, 292 pp
The Healing Art of Qi Gong as aught by a master – restore your body’s energy balance for radiant good health and longevity.

WALLACE,AMY & HENKIN, BILL: „The Psychic Healing Book“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1978, 205 pp
Did you know that Amy Wallace, daughter of writer Irving and co- author of The Book Of Lists, is a full time psychic? She reveals her secrets in this book.

CROOKALL,ROBERT: „Out of the Body Experiences“
Trade Paperback, 1980, 219 pp
From the dawn of history, people have left their bodies, retained sonsciousness and then re-entered their bodies. Learn how in this book.

MITCHELL,JANET LEE: „Out-of-Body Experiences – A Handbook“
Paperback, 1981, 186 pp
Based on lab investigations, this book suggests that a person’s conscious awareness can detach itself from a body and travel for an extended period of time.

MULDOON,SYLVAN & CARRINGTON,HEREWARD: „The Phenomena of Astral Projection“
Trade Paperback, 1972, 222 pp
According to this book, each of us has gwo bides – a physical body and an astral body. Under special circumstances, and always in death, the astral body can leave the physical body. Curious?

MULDOON,SYLVAN & CARRINGTON,HEREWARD : „The Projection of the Astral Body“
Hardbound in ragged dj, 1961, 222 pp
First published in 1929, this classic collaboration documents cases of astral projection with copious and insightful notes.

MURPHY,MICHAEL & WHITE,RHEA: „The Psychic Side of Sports“
Trade Paperback, 1978, 228 pp
Extraordinary takes of psychic events from the world of sports. Murphy is one of the founders of Esalen. White is a parapsychologist.

HEAD,JOSEPH & CRANSTON, S.L.: „Reincarnation – an east-west anthology“
Trade Paperback, 1970, 341 pp
Over 400 of the literary and philosophical leaders of the eastern and wester world weigh in on the topic of life after death.

AUERBACK,LLOYD: „Mind over Matter“
Trade Paperback, 1996, 340 pp
A comprehensive guide to discovering your psychic powers – this surprisingly serious book will tell you about the latest developments from the parapsychology labs.

ROTH,ROBERT: „Transcendental Meditation“
Trade paperback, 1994, 194 pp
A new introduction to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s technique for promoting better health, unfolding your creative potential, and creating peace in the world. Doesn’t get much better than that!

YETERIAN,DIXIE: „Exploring Psychic Reality“
Hardbound in sl worn dj, 1976, 144 pp
Discover your extrasensory gifts , and how to plug in to the psychic elements of the universe.

PELLETIER,KENNETH: „Toward a Science of Consciousness“
Trade Paperback, 1978, 306 pp
From the author of Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer comes this new model of consciousness informed by neurology, psychology, quantum physics, biofeedback and Eastern disciplines.

Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 288 pp
This book is the culmination of Dr Cartwright’s 25 years of scientific research. Her interesting iea is that you can rewrite your dream scripts while you sleep!

Trade Paperback, 1988, 137 pp
In a series of dialogues done for National Public Radio between 1975 and 1987 shows Joseph Campbell at his best: carefully distilling his mature wisdome and eclectic spiritual thinking for a younger friend.

NEHER,ANDREW: “ The Psychology of Transcendence“
trade paperback, 1980, 361 pp
A guide to understanding and developing your potential for mental healing, visions, ecstasy, out-of-body states, prophecy, and many other experiences.

STEINBRECHER,EDWIN: „The Inner Guide Meditation“
Trade Paperback, 1988, 288 pp
Jungian archetypes, tarot, kundalini, and your inner guide populate this book of transformation.

CAMPBELL,JOSEPH: „The Power of Myth“
Trade Paperback, 1988, 234 pp
At the height of his powers, this book is based on the PBS series with Bill Moyers. An oversize paperback with loads of color reproductions as Campbell spins his magical web of Jungian mythology, religion, and mysticism.

CAMPBELL,JOSEPH: „The Inner Reaches of Outer Space“
Trade Paperback, 1986, 170 pp
Metaphor as Myth and Religion is the topic of the Jungian scholar, as he investigates arechetypal metaphors of psychological transformation.

L VAN DE CASTLE,ROBERT: „Our Dreaming Mind“
Oversize trade paperback, 1994, 546 pp
A sweeping exploration of the role that dreams have playdc in politics, art, religion, and psychology, from ancients civilizations to the present day. A huge book, guaranteed to keep you too busy to sleep.

Hardbound w/DJ, 1994, 167 pp
The Origins, form, practice and Healing Power of Gregorian chant.

BRENNAN,BARBRA ANN: „Hands of Light – A guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field“
Oversize Trade Paperback, 1988, 294 pp
According to the author, our physical bodies exist whithin a larger ‚body‘, a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experince of reality, including health and illness. This book shows how to heal yourself and others on the level of that energy field.

BRENNAN,BARBRA ANN: „Light Emerging – The Journey of Personal Healing“
Oversize Trade Paperback, 1993, 341 pp
The sequel to Hands of Light, this book contains more advanced techniques of healing using the human energy aura. She explains what the healer perceives visually, audibly and kinesthetically, and investigates energy interactions in relationships, an dhow to break through negative patterns.

SUZUKI,SHUNRYU: „Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind“
Trade Paperback, 1995, 138 pp
One of the best introductions to zen you can read, from the Japanese Zen master. Eastern ideas for Western minds.

STEVENS,JOSE & STEVENS,LENA: ‚Secrets of Shamanism – tapping the spirit power within you“
Paperback, 1988, 222 pp
Bypass the stumbling blocks of the outer, material workd by communicating with the innermost world of the spirit. This book contains a series of simple exercises, lessons and rituals which will teach you how to identify and communicate with your inner spiritual guides using the ancient techniques of shamanism.

Hardbound w/DJ, 1997, 237 pp
After Claire Sylvia’s heart-and-lung transplant, she began to notice that here attitudes, habits and tastes had changed. She had cravings for food she had previously dislikes, she dressed in different colors, and she started behaving with an aggfressiveness and impetuousity she had previously never shown. Then she had a dream in which she met Tim L. the man she absolutely knew was her donor. A fascinating story about how cellular memory can outlive physical death.

ORR,LEONARD & RAY,SONDRA: „Rebirthing in the New Age“
Trade paperback, 1983, 285 pp
Here’s another one for the alchemical hypnotherapist – a form of age regression and reframing that can be effeciently integrated into hypnotic work. Written by Orr, the originator of the technique, and Ray, the well-received author.

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