Books by and about Milton Erickson and Ericksonian Hypnosis

BookRags: Uncommon Therapy: The Psychiatric Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Lesson Plans. 2012.

BookRags: My Voice Will Go with You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Lesson Plans. 2012.

Erickson, Milton H./ Cooper, Lynn F.: Time Distortion in Hypnosis. An Experimental and Clinical Investigation. OTC Publishing Corp 2012.

Gilligan, Stephen: The Legacy of Milton H. Erickson: Selected Papers of Stephen Gilligan. Zeig, Tuckr & Theisen 2010.

Haley, Jay: Conversations with Milton H. Erickson,MD,Volume I, Changing Individuals. Pennsylvania: Triangle Press 2013.

Haley, Jay: Conversations with Milton H.Erickson,MD,Volume II, Changing Couples. Pennsylvania: Triangle Press 2013.

Houghes, John C.: The Life and Time of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., the Master Wounded Healer. Hughes Publishing 2012.

Jones, Dan: Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts: A Collection of Over 100 Hypnosis and Therapy Scripts. 2011.

McNeilly, Robert: Connecting Hypnosis 3 – after Erickson – Demonstrations of the Experience of Hypnosis. 2013.

Star, Anna: Quantum Hypnosis Scripts: Neo-Ericksonian Scripts That Will Supercharge Your Sessions! PHD 2012.

Battino, Ruben: Expectation: The Very Brief Therapy Book
Battino, Ruben ( 2006)
Expectation: The Very Brief Therapy Book
o.A.: Crownhouse ( ca. £ 20 )
Der Autor des umfassenden Handbuches der Ericksonschen Techniken legt hier ein interessantes neues Buch vor. Durch die Beschränkung der Therapie auf wenige Sitzungen hat der Klient die Erwartungshaltung, dass eine Änderung in wenigen Sitzungen möglich ist. Battino fasst in diesem Buch viele hypnotherapeutische und lösungsorientierte Techniken zusammen.

ERICKSON,MILTON (Rossi ed) : „The Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson on Hypnosis“
Vol I – The Nature of Hypnosis and Suggestion
Vol II – Hypnotic Alteration of Sensory, Perceptual and Psychophysiological Processes
Vol III The Hypnotic Investigation of Psychodynamic Processes
Vol IV – Innovative Hypnotherapy
Hardbound w/ DJ, now Out of Print, 1980
What can I say? 1900 pages of vintage Erickson, culled from a lifetime of work. This is the ultimate Erickson collection, and sadly it is out of print.

ERICKSON,MILTON (Rossi ed) : The Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson on Hypnosis“
Vol IV – Innovative Hypnotherapy
Hardbound w/DJ, 1980, 560 pp
$65.00 – a trade paperback copy
Now out-of-print, this classic collection has all of Milton Erickson’s most important papers regarding his hypnotherapeutic techniques. Covers indirect approaches to Symptom Resolution, Utilization Approaches to Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapeutic approaches to pain, sexual problems and hypnotherapeutic reorientations to emotional satisfaction, facilitating new identity, and other topics. 59 articles in all.

ERICKSON,MILTON and COOPER,LINN: „Time Distortion in Hypnosis“
Hardcover w/DJ, 1954 First Edition
$225 – hardbound w/worn dj copy of Revised edition, 1956
$175 – hardbound copy of revised edition lacking a dust jacket
This hard-to-find volume is a gem which shows Erickson’s ideas on how to use time distortion, a naturally occurring hypnotic phenomenon, in a therapeutic environment. Contains both experimental hypnosis data and clinical interpretation.

ERICKSON,MILTON and ROSSI,ERNEST: „Hypnotherapy – An Exploratory Casebook“
Hardcover w/dj Irvington, 1979 , 495 pages
see new arrivals section
This is the best of all the Erickson books by far. Beginning with a well written exposition of Erickson’s concepts and techniques, followed by 300 pages of annotated therapy transcripts, this book is great for someone just getting introduced to Erickson, or for the hypnotherapist who needs this exciting work by the most influential hypnotherapist of our time.

ERICKSON,MILTON: „Experiencing Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ,,1981, 283 pp
Third in the series that began with „Hypnotic Realities“ and „Hypnotherapy“. In an early lecture, we see the transition from the authoritarian to the permissive approach by Erickson. Also sections on Catalepsy in Induction and Therapy, Ideomotor Signaling, and Learning of Trance by the Skeptical Mind.

ERICKSON,MILTON: “ Mind-Body Communication in Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, Out of Print
SALE PRICE : $37.50
Vol III of the Seminars, Workshops and Lectures of Milton Erickson. Contains much of the source material wherein Erickson first expressed his original views on psychosomatic medicine and healing. Say what? Erickson on using hypnotism to stimulate breast development? Don’t take my word . Buy the book!

ERICKSON,MILTON: „Life Reframing in Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 328 pp
Vol II of the Seminars, Workshops and Lectures of Milton Erickson. It was during this time period that Erickson wrote some of his most original papers on the naturalistic and utilization techniques which are considered to be the essence of his approach. Say what? Isn’t this reframing stuff the source of that NLP stuff? You betcha! Now read the master!

ERICKSON,MILTON: „Creative Choice in Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ , 1992, 274 pp,
Vol IV in the Seminars, Workshops and Lectures series, this book explores questions central to the hypnotic experience: Is hypnotism a process of manipulation or facilitaton? Creative Choice in Hypnosis takes the reader on a journey that recaptures Erickson’s evolution of the therapeutic double-bind and his use of the authoritarian- permissive paradox.

ERICKSON,MILTON: „Hypnotic Realities“
Hardbound w/Dj ,1976, 326 pp,
$49.50 – hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
In this volume Erickson focuses on the induction of hypnosis, and forms of indirect suggestion. Erickson and Rossi fully annotate transcripts of sessions showing use of the Yes set, the Double Bind, the Handshake Induction, Age Regression, and other topic s. I recommend this book as a first book of Erickson

ERICKSON,MILTON edited by HALEY,JAY: „Conversations With Milton H Erickson“
All Hardcover w/DJ- Norton – 1985
Volume I – Changing Individuals
Volume II Changing Couples
Volume III – Changing Children and Families
These conversation took place over a period of 17 years and were recorded as part of Gregory Bateson’s project on communication and therapy. Bateson, my old teacher from Santa Cruz, makes an appearance in these books. In Vol. II Erickson talks about the issues of marriage and shows many procedures for resolving problems. In Vol III the conversations describe Erickson’s lively ways of doing therapy with children.

ERICKSON,MILTON (ZEIG, ed.): „A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1980, Brunner Mazel, 354 pp,
I consider this one of the best values out there, because it presents an entire weekend seminar with Erickson for a fraction of what any hypnosis class costs. For those of us who were not lucky enough to study with Erickson, this is an opportunity which is rewarding, insightful, and a great deal of fun to read.

ZEIG,JEFFREY & LANKTON,STEPHEN (eds): „Developing Ericksonian Therapy – The State of the Art“
Hardbound w/Dj, 1988, 523 pp. Like New – in print for $57.97
The proceedings from the third congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. This one has a keynote by Virginia Satir, plus papers from Joe Barber, Sidney Rosen, Ernest Rossi, David Gordon, Ronald Havens, Michael Yapko, Stephen Gilligan, Daniel Araoz, the Erickson children, and more. One of the more impressive books in this series.

MATHEWS,WILLIAM & EDGETTE, JOHN H. (eds): „Current Thinking and Research in Brief Therapy – Solutions, Strategies, Narratives“
Hardbound, 1997, 270 pp., NEW COPY
The first volume in a new series sponsored by the Milton Erickson foundation, this book contains work by a host of second-generation Ericksonian therapists. Articles about the altered state debate, hypnosis in the treatment of AIDS, treating asthmatic children using mental imagery, unorthodox treatment vs. legal standards, and an article on EMDR by Francine Shapiro, the originator of the technique, and part of the new Palo Alto group.

CADE,BRIAN & O’HANLON, HUDSON: „A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1993, 202 pp.
This engaging book overs an over of the history and theory of brief therapy, from its beginnings in the research of Gregory Bateson through the seminal therapy of Milton Erickson and John Weakland, up to the present. From the author of Taproots and An Uncommon Casebook.

LANKTON,STEPHEN R. & LANKTON, CAROL H.: „The Answer Within: A Clinical Framework of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy“
Hardbound w/dj, 1983, 368 pp, NEW COPY
$29.50 – a used copy
The Lanktons‘ book takes the reader step by step through the process of making a diagnosis and carrying out a treatment plan based on Ericksonian principles, illustrating each stage with clinical examples and transcripts. Special attention is given to the use of the multiple embedded metaphor as a modality to deliver interventions.

LANKTON,STEVE: „Practical Magic“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1980, 250 pp,
This master of Ericksonian therapy translates basic techniques of NLP into a clinical psychotherapy setting. Includes an annotated Ericksonian hypnotic induction, dealing with representational systems, using metaphors, and a study guide.

LOVERN, JOHN D. : „Pathways to Reality : Erickson-Inspired Treatment Approaches to Chemical Dependency“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1991, 228 pp
$32.00 hardbound copy, sl hiliting
The first book to treat chemical dependency from a Ericksonian viewpoint. Covers the conection between Erickson-inspired therapeutic techniques and the experience of ’surrender‘; Ericksonian treatment including motivation, utilization, confusion, trance, the indirect approach, and ordeals; approaches to the family process; the Twelve Steps; other addictions and treatment modalities and much more.

CLOSE,HENRY T. : „Metaphor in Psychotherapy : The clinical applications of stories and allegories“
Hardbound, 1998, 305pp. , sl hiliting
A student of Milton Erickson, Dr. Close presents a complete collection of stories and allegories for use in psychotherapy, with dozens of practical therapeutic activities involving metaphor, drama, fantasy and meditation. Close emphasizes the application of metaphor, mixing it with theory and case histories for added understanding.

WATZLAWICK,PAUL , WEAKLAND,JOHN & FISCH,RICHARD : „Change – Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution“
Hardback w/DJ, 1974, 172 pp,
With a Foreword by Milton Erickson, this book is an outgrowth of the work at the Brief Therapy Center of the famed Palo Alto group. It examines how common sense and logical approaches often fail (and often compound problems!) while seemingly illogical and unreaasonable actions succeed in producting the desired change.

YAPKO,MICHAEL (Ed): „Hypnotic and Strategic Interventions: Principles and Practice“
Hardbound, 1986, 355 pp, uncommon, hiliting
Drawn from the proceedings of the First Annual San Diego Conference on Hypnotic and Strategic Interventions organized by the Milton H. Erickson Institute of San Diego, these papers focus on Ericksonian Conceptual Frameworks, Tools for Facilitating Treatment, and more, including Parts Work, the use of statistical modeling in hypnosis, hypnosis with children, Pattern Interruption, and other wide-ranging issues.

ROSSI, ERNEST: „The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing – New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1986,
$15.00 – a trade paperback copy
A dash of NLP, a bunch of Ericksonian Therapy, a bit of psychoneuroimmunology and molecular genetics and of course, hypnotism, make up the recipe for this new look at hypnotic therapy. The man who became famous for annotating Erickson comes into his own in this revised version of his famous text.

ZEIG,JEFFREY (ed): „Ericksonian Psychotherapy – Vol I: Structures“
Hardcover w/DJ, Brunner Mazel, 1985, 637 pp

ZEIG,JEFFREY (ed): „Ericksonian Psychotherapy – Vol II: Clinical Applications“
Hardcover w/DJ, Brunner Mazel, 1985, 531 pp
$99.50 for both books
The proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Includes articles by Rossi, Watzlawick, Barber, Haley, Weakland, Havens, O’Hanlon, Lankton, Gilligan, Araoz, Zeig, Betty Erickson and the Erickson children, and many others. The second volume addresses specific applications, including family therapy, alcoholism, pain control, cancer treatment, and sexuality. An indespensible duo by the leaders in Ericksonian methods.

LANKTON,STEPHEN R. (ed): „Elements and Dimensions of an Ericksonian Approach“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1985, 151 pp, NEW COPY
$22.00 – a used copy, like new
Number 1 in the Ericksonian Monographs series, this book contains nine articles including a previously unpublished paper by Milton Erickson as well as entries by Ernest Rossi, Stephen Lankton, Jeffrey Zeig, D. Corydon Hammond and Michael Yapko.

LANKTON AND ZEIG (editors): „Research, Comparisons and Medical Applications of Ericksonian Techniques“
Hardcover w/DJ , Brunner Mazel, 1988, 118 pages NEW COPY
Volume 4 of the Ericksonian Monographs. Contains nine different articles on Ericksonian Hypnosis, including the ‚Ten Minute Trance: Ericksonian Techniques in a Busy General Medical Practice

LANKTON, ZEIG & GILLIGAN (editors): „Views on Ericksonian Brief Therapy, Process and Action“
Hardcover, Brunner Mazel, 1991, 116 pages NEW COPY
Volume 8 of the Ericksonian Monographs. Contains eight different article, including an article by two of Erickson’s daughters on „Milton Erickson’s Increasing Shift to Less Directive Hypnotic Techniques as Illustrated by Work with Family Members.“

ZEIG,JEFFREY (editor): „Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy“
Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket , Brunner Mazel, 1982, 518 pages OUT OF PRINT
$25 – hardbound copy lacking a dust jacket
In December 1980, 2000 professionals from around the world united to salute Milton Erickson. Presentations were made by 43 different experts, including Jay Haley, Jeffrey Zeig, David Gordon, David Cheek, Joseph Barber, Ernest Rossi, Sidney Rosen and others. This book is the proceedings of that extra- ordinary event saluting Erickson, with papers about Ericksonian Inductions, Family Therapy, Case Studies, Pain Control, working with Children, Trans- cultural Approaches and more.

GILLIGAN, STEPHEN & PRICE,REESE (eds): „Therapeutic Conversations“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1993, 362 pp, New Copy
$25.00 – a used copy, sl hiliting
A new book of Ericksonian therapies in practice. A collection of 17 different cases, each with the use of therapeutic metaphorical conversation used to promote change in the client. In an unusual move, each chapter contains a commentary by a different author. Includes contributions by Gilligan, William O’Hanlon, John Weakland and others.

LANKTON,STEPHEN R. & LANKTON,CAROL H. : „Tales of Enchantment – Goal-Oriented Metaphors for Adults and Children in Therapy“
Hardbound w/dj, 1989, Brunner Mazel, 409 pp,
Using Erickson’s method of telling metaphorical tales, the Lankton’s devote this volume to a series of tales used in therapeutic situations of changing attitudes, behaviors, family structures, self image, work with children, and trance phenomena goals. Better than a book of scripts, these are intricate teaching tales in the Ericksonian tradition.

YAPKO,MICHAEL: „Trancework – An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis“
Hardbound w/dj, 1990, 446 pp, New Copy
$35 – used copy with dust jacket
$32.50 – used copy with DJ, slight hiliting
$29.50 – hardbound copy of the first edition
A very good general introduction to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, covering all aspects from induction and deepening, to suggestibility testing, trance phenomena, trance scripts, and annotated transcripts of sessions.

FRANZKE,ERICH: „Fairy Tales in Psychotherapy“
Hardbound, 1989, 130 pp
A translation of the German book examining the approach of integrating fairy tales and other stories of a supernatural nature into psychotherapy. From a wealth of examples drawn from practice, the author describes different ways of telling and acting out fairy tales in individual and group therapy settings.

WHITE,MICHAEL & EPSTON,DAVID: „Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1990, 229 pp,
This amazing book, based on the theories of Michel Foucault, starts with the premise that people experience problems when the stories of their lives, as they or others have invented them, do not match their lived experience. Therapy then becomes a process of storying or re- storying (pun intended) their lives.

O’HANLON,HUDSON WILLIAM & WEINER-DAVIS,MICHELE : „In Search of Solutions : A New Direction in Psychotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1989, 191 pp,
The master Ericksonian weighs in with this book on the new trend in psychotherapy to focus on strengths and solutions rather than problems and pathologies. According to the authors, when therapy is solution- oriented, assessment techniques can become deliberate interventions that often negate the need for treatment beyond the first session!

O’HANLON,WILLIAM HUDSON & MARTIN, MICHAEL: „Solution-Oriented Hypnosis ; An Ericksonian Approach“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 207 pp, Out of Print
For those of you who didn’t have access to O’Hanlon’s two day workshops on Ericksonian Hypnosis, this book is the next best thing. Its a complete transcipt of his seminar, including all printed materials. I bet he charged a lot more that this to attend!

MILLS and CROWLEY – „Therapeutic Metaphors for Children“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1986, 261 pp
Application of Ericksonian technique to children’s therapy, these authors use a combination of teaching tales with art therapy to forge a unique approach to working with children.

BRETT,DORIS : „More Annie Stories – Therapeutic Storytelling Techniques“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 216 pp
$12.50 – a trade paperback copy
Therapeutic Storytelling for Children in the Ericksonian tradition, these eleven stories focus on common childhood experiences, such as fear of the dark, bedwetting, shyness, teasing, divorce, siblings, children of alcoholics and more.

PHIILLIPS,MAGGIE & FREDERICK,CLARE: „Healing the Divided Self : Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Posttraumatic and Dissociative Conditions“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1995, 371 pp., New Copy
A step-by-step guide for the use of Ericksonian hypnotic techniques for treating the entire spectrum of dissociative disorders. The authors cover beginning treatment, ego strengthening, uncovering and abreatction, the reworking of uncovered material, the facilitation of the integrative process, the creation of a new identity, and the enhancement of spiritual development.

BELL-GADSBY,CHERYL & SEIGENBERG,ANNE: „Reclaiming Herstory – Ericksonian Solution-Focused Therapy for Sexual Abuse“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1996, 259 pp
Women who have survived sexual abuse are among the most traumatized individuals who seek therapy. Refined from their work with hundreds of sexual abuse survivors, the authors present four distinct stages of healing such clients, and they take a clear and articulat position in realtion to the criticl issue of ‚False Memory Syndrome“

CALOF,DAVID : „The Couple Who Became Each Other“
Trade Paperback, 1996, 354 pp, Out-of-Print
The book begins with a charming tale of meeting and studying with Milton Erickson. The cases which follow are nothing short of spectacular. Precancerous cells cleansed by hypnotism. Three sisters who pass 15 extra pounds between one another, much like Charcot’s experiments moving a paralysis from one limb to another. And more.

DOLAN,YVONNE M.: „Resolving Sexual Abuse – Solution-Focused Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis for Adult Survivors“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1991, 237 pp, First Edition
From the author of Path with a Heart comes this second- generation book of Ericksonian techniques for victims of sexual abuse. Includes chapters on dealing with nonsupportive family members and perpetrators, healing the split, ensuring safety in the present, turning a symptom into a resource, therapeutic tasks, safe remembering of dissociated experiences, reclaiming the body, overcoming the relapse danger, and meaningful completions.

HALEY,JAY: „Uncommon Therapy – the Psychiatric Techniques of Milton Erickson“

Hardbound w/DJ, 313 pages,
$7.50 – a paperback copy
This was the book that first brought Ericksonian techniques to the world. Haley’s unique viewpoint brings Erickson into sharp focus, in an insightful, well researched contribution.

Rrickson, Betty Alice & Keeney, Bradford ( Hrsg.): Milton H. Erickson, M.D.: An American Healer
o.A.: Leetes Island Books ( $ 20 )
Bradford Keeney gab die letzten Jahre eine interessante Serie von Büchern über Heiler und Schamanen aus verschiedenen Kulturen in aller Welt heraus. Sein neuestes Buch behandelt überraschenderweise den “weißen Schamanen“ und Medizinmann Milton Erickson. Das Buch wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Ericksons Tochter Betty Alice erarbeitet und beinhaltet neue Sichtweisen der Arbeit von Milton Erickson. Neben der Darstellung der Arbeit von Erickson hat es teilweise biographischen Charakter, enthält Photos aus dem Familienalbum Ericksons, ein bisher nich zugängliches Transkript einer klinischen Konsultation von Erickson und vieles andere mehr.

HALEY,JAY: „Ordeal Therapy“
Hardcover w/Dust Jacket, , 213 pages
Milton Erickson was well known for demanding that his clients go through some kind of strenuous or tedious ordeal as a highway to healing. Haley first provides an account of the theoretical basis of ordeal therapy, showing how it builds on the work of Milton H. Erickson. He goes on to outline the stages of ordeal therapy, and details special techniques to use with different clients.

HALEY,JAY: „Strategies of Psychotherapy“
Hardcover, Grune and Stratton, 1963, 204 pp, Out of Print
Haley’s therapeutic of the psychoanalytic construct as a relationship which exists in the communication between the therapist and the client. Fresh from his studies with Milton Erickson, of special interest is the chapter on „How Hypnosis and Subject Maneuver Each Other.“

ROSEN,SIDNEY : „My Voice Will Go With You -The Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson“
Hardbound w/DJ, 253 pages, 1982, out of print in hardback
Rosen collected the stories which Dr. Milton Erickson told, and has anthogized them in this charming book. Easy to read, each tale is about a page long. A great sourcebook of examples of metaphors and teaching tales for the NeoEricksonian.

BARKER,PHILIP : „Using Metaphors in Psychotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1985, 221 pp
$16.50 – a trade paperback copy
The Erickson-influenced professor of pediatrics and psychiatry from Canada weighs in with this book on the use of metaphor in a clinical setting. I was particularly inpressed with the section on the Practical Delivery of Metaphors, which gives hints on how to establish rapport when telling therapeutic tales.

WALLAS,LEE : „Stories for the Third Ear – Using Hypnotic Fables in Psychotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1985, 178 pp
An Ericksonian approach to clinical therapy through the use of stories with a therapeutic goal. Specific stories for 19 different clinical situations. Wallas tells of the client issues, then tells the fable which she constructed.

WALLAS,LEE : „Stories That Heal“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1991, 244 pp
The follow-up to wallas‘ Stories for theThird Ear, this Erickson- insprired book addresses adult children of dysfunctional families, and tries to help correct the distorted messages which they have received from their parents since infancy.

FISCHRICHARD & WEAKLAND, JOHN & SEGAL,LYNN: „The Tactics of Change – Doing Therapy Briefly“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1982, 302 pp
From Bateson’s group at the Brief Therapy Center in Palo Alto comes this comprehensive and detailed manual on treating clinical problems briefly and effectively. The brief approach treats in weeks, rather than months or years. The book is dedicated to Milton Erickson.

YAPKO (Ed),MICHAEL: „Brief Therapy Approaches to Treating Anxiety and Depression“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1989, 357 pp
$32.00 – a hardbound copy with pictorial boards
$27.50 – a used hardbound cloth copy, fep cut
Drawn from the proceedings of the Fourth Annual San Diego Conference on Hypnotic and Strategic Interventions organized by the Milton H. Erickson Institute of San Diego,this collection of 17 innovative and fascinating essays underscore the importance of a skilled clinician carefully building the appropriate context of change in direct response to the unique needs of the individual client.

ZEIG,JEFFREY & GILLIGAN,STEPHEN: „Brief Therapy – Myths, Methods, and Metaphors“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1990, 492 pp
The Brief Therapy Congress, sponsered by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, draw over 2200 therapists to study with the likes of Joe Barber, Jay Haley, Cloe Madanes, Arnold Lazarus, Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland, Stephen Lankton, Peggy Papp, Michael Yapko, Albert Allis, Erving Polster, David Gordon, Ernest Rossi and others. Kinda makes you wish you were there, doesn’t it? Well at least you can read the result.

ROSSI,ERNEST L. : „The 20 Minute Break“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1991, 210 pp,
From his studies of ultradian rhythms, Rossi comes up with a simple plan to balance the mind-body energies, using a simple 20 minute period. This toolbox of techniques can help you re-energize your day and coordinate left and right hemispheres.

GILLIGAN,STEPHEN: „The Courage to Love- Principles and Practices of Self-Relatins Psychotherapy“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1997, 215 pp, NEW COPY
$20.00 – used copy
Using concepts and techniques he learned from Milton Erickson, Gilligan also draws on Buddhist and aikido principles in this tome about the issue of self-love. Also some work on the Archetypal level.

RACHEL NAOMI REMEN, M.D.: „Kitchen Table Wisdom – Stories that Heal“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1996, 336 pp
A book of healing metaphors from the cofounder and medical director of the Commonwealth Cancer Help Program in Bolinas, California. Teaching Tales from the physician and therapist.

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