Stage Hypnotism and Magic

VALLEY, JERRY : „Inside Secrets of Stage Hypnotism“
Trade Paperback, 1998, 174 pp, New Copy
There’s a lifetime of practical stage hypnotism knowledge packed into this book, a complete course in stage hypnotism featuring word-for- word inductions, over 50 different routines, and the personal advice and tips from the well known stage hypnotist and teacher.

MCGILL, ORMAND: „Professional Stage Hypnotism“
Paperback, 204 pp, NEW COPY
$25.00 – a hardbound copy, sl underlining
The sequel to The Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism. A modern updating of a classic in the field.

LUSTIG, D. J. : „Stage Hypnotism“
Spiral Bound, undated, very rare
This facsimile of a very rare pamphlet from the turn of the century. Includes the secrets of the Needle Test, the Murder Test, Cataleptic Trance, the Human Anvil. Also a complete lecture for a Vaudeville Stage Hypnotic Act. Daring! Sensational!

PROF. HARRADEN, L.A.: „Complete Mail Course: Twenty Illustrated Lessons in Hypnotism“
Spiral Bound 8 1/2 x 11 , 1912, 64 pp
Facsimile reproduction of a mail order course from the Jackson, Michigan stage hypnotist. Each page contains several illustrations. Many induction techniques, including rapid induction for stage use. Uncommon.

O’KEEFE, TRACIE : „Investigating Stage Hypnosis“
Trade Paperback, 1998, 208 pp, New Copy
Is there danger in Stage Hypnotism shows? Can they lead to devasting side effects, including headaches, psychosis, blackouts, depression, or possibly even death? This investigative report comes from a Harley St. Clinical Hypnotist, and is probably the only volume on the subject..

KRESKIN: „The Amazing World of Kreskin“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1973, 209 pp
This is the book where Kreskin lays out his beliefs on hypnosis (he says it doesn’t exist) and contains an in- depth and quite intelligent discussion of the topic.

JAY, RICKY : „Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women“
Oversize trade paperback, 1987, 342 pp,
From the close-up card magic maven Ricky Jay comes this history of unique, eccentric and amazing entertainers from the side show. Includes notes on Dr. Walford Bodie, whose comedic stage hypnotism act was the basis of many routines still in use today.

FLINT, HERBERT: „Dr. Flint’s Hypnotic Routine“
Stapled 8 1/2 x 11, very rare
This reproduction of a work in 1897 details the stage demonstrations of Dr. Flint, who was a famous stage hypnotist predating the vaudeville era. I don’t believe that man has ever been to medical school!

NELMAR: „Twenty Hypnotic Tricks by Nelmar“
Stapled 8 1/2 x 11, Reproduction of 1933 work
This very rare pamphlet assumes that you already know how to induce hypnosis, and goes right into a series of hypnotic routines for a stage show. A collectable item.

NELMAR: „20th Century Mind Reading“
Stapled 8 1/2 x 11, Reproduction of 1935 work
The Twentieth Century Mindreading Act, or the Modern Spirualist Medium’s Act, Written by W.G. Magnuson, Revisions and Additions made by The Nelmar System. Rare.

PENN & TELLER: „Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends“
Oversize Trade Paperback, 1989, 206 pp
The bad-boys of late night tell-all in this book of their own secrets, including how to produce 500 cockroaches on David Letterman’s desk and other early classics including word-for-word transcripts of the rather elaborate routines.

JILLETTE, PENN & TELLER: „Penn & Teller’s How to Play with Your Food“
Trade Paperack, 1992, 216 pp
When your parents said „Don’t play with your food“ this was exactly what they were afraid of. To earn back the full cost of this book in a single meal, see page 58.

WILSON, MARK : „Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic“
Oversized hardback, 1988, 472 pp
This HUGE book is filled with just about every kind of magic trick imaginable – card tricks, money magic, rope tricks, silk and handkerchief magic, mental magic, cups and balls, billiard balls, all the way to more sophisticated illusions such as floating an assistant into the air. A great book for would-be magicians of any skill level.

Waters, T. A. : „The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians“
Oversized Hardback w/DJ, 1988, 370 pp, ex-library
With over 1,000 entries, this book is an A-to-Z guide to magic, with most known effects, principles and routines and a Who’s Who of personalities in magic past and present. Filled with vintage photographs, this is an invaluable reference source for the professional or amateur magician.

GOOD, ARTHUR : „100 Amazing Magic Tricks“
Oversized Hardbound w/dj, 1989, 128pp
A handsome book, illustrated by Poyet. This book, originally compined at the turn of the century in France, presents the novice magician or the merely curious with a fascinating introduction to an age- old art. Illusion? Alchemy? The Birth of Science? These tricks are as fascinating to perform as they ever were.

BOOKS, RAINCOAST: „Conjuring Tricks“
Miniature Hardbound w/DJ, 1992, 96 pp, Like New
A beautiful full color book with great illustrations on the art of conjuring. Learn some tricks or just enjoy the art direction.

DEXTER, WILL : „Secrets of the Conjurer’s Craft“Hardbound w/DJ, London (no date) , 144 pp, $25.00A condensed history of the art of conjuring. Deals with ilusions and sleight of hand, from the earliest recorded conjuring trick to the most modern complex illusion.

BRANDON, RUTH : „The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini“
Paperback, 1993. 355 pp, NEW COPY
A riveting, modern biography of Houdini. A great read.

HOUDINI, HARRY : „A Magician Among the Spirits“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1972 (1924), 294 pp, Out of Print
$17.50 – hardbound lacking a dust jacket
Houdini spent no less than thirty years exploring the history of spiritualism and its practice in his day. The results of his research materialized in this extraordinary book.

HOUDINI, HARRY : „Houdini on Magic“
Paperback, 1953, 280 pp
Photographic illustrations perfect his reprint from 1924 edited by Walter Gibson. Houdini’s own account of his greatest escapes, with behind-the- scenes revelations of some of the master’s most prized secrets.

THURSTON, HOWARD: „400 Fascinating Magic Tricks You Can Do“
Trade Paperback, 1948 (1927), 237 pp
Yes, thats under 2 cents per trick. A wide variety of ball tricks, card tricks, coin tricks, cigarette tricks, dice tricks, match tricks, pencil tricks, watch tricks and more.

DOUGLAS AND HUNT, KARI: „The Art of Magic“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1971, 215 pp, Ex Library Copy
A wonderful history of magic, conjuring and deception, from the days of Egypt,Greece and Rome, through Cagliostro, to recent magicians such as Houdini, Blackstone and Scarne. Also covers mental magic, sleight of hand, and the basics of how to do magic tricks.

SCHINDLER, GEORGE: „Magic with Everyday Objects“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1989, 192 pp
Ready to move on to something a little more challenging? This book presents 150 tricks that anyone can do at the dinner table, which require no sleight of hand. From the co-founder of the School for Magicians in New York City.

BLACKSTONE, HARRY: „Blackstone’s Secrets of Magic“
Trade Paperback, 1958 (1929), 164 pp
The famous magician reveals his most startling illusions and shows how to perform them in your own home. Pocket tricks, apparatus tricks, mental tricks, and stage magic and illusions.

BLACKSTONE, HARRY: „Modern Card Tricks“
Trade Paperback, 1958 (1929), 164 pp
Over 120 card tricks from the famous magician.

RANDI, JAMES : „James Randi – Psychic Investigator“
Trade Paperback, 1991, 158 pp
The Amazing Randi goes in a skeptical search of the paranormal in this psychic debunking book based on the television series for Granada Television. Was this ever broadcast here in the states? Read the book and find out what you missed!

SEVERN, BILL : „Magic Across the Table“
Hardbound, 1972, 122 pp,
A collection of magic tricks tha anyone can perform. These are tricksnot meant for a magic show, but rather to be performed at close range,when you are entertaining a friend.

GIBSON, WALTER : „The Master Magicians – their Lives and Most Famous Tricks“
Hardbound w/DJ, 1966, 222 pp, Ex Library Copy
The creator of The Shadow and prolific author tells the tales of Houdini, Professor Anderson, Herrmann the Great, Kellar, Chung Ling Soo, Thurston and the Great Raymond in this entertaining and informative outing.

DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA: „Magic and Mystery in Tibet“
Hardbound, 1956, 320 pp
The first book by David-Neel deals with the sacred mysteries of the Tibetan Lamas. Written inside a Tibetan monastery, I would tell you the secrets, but then they wouldn’t be secrets any more.

BUDGE – „Egyptian Magic“
Trade Paperback, 1971 (1901), 234 pp
This well known study by the curator of Egyptian antiquities at the British Museum sums up everything about the role of magic in ancient Egypt.

HUGARD, JEAN & BRAUE, FREDERICK : „Royal Road to Card Magic“
Hardbound w/worn DJ, 1968, 300 pp
Would it surprise you if I told you that this book teaches you some card tricks? Well, DUH!

CROW, W.B. : „A Fascinating History of Witchcraft, Magic and Occultism“
Trade Paperback, 1968, 316 pp
A history of belief in magic, from the cave men to the present day. Includes witch doctors, shamen, ancient Egyptians, Yoga, Babylon, Tibet, ancient Rome, the Holy Grail, Mediaeval Astrology, yes hypnotism, and many more topics. A bargain!

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